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You could pay almost $1000 for six session of this, or you could just give the camera to an older sibling, you’d get the same result.


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  1. Nice use of background — the door isn’t distracting at all. And I love how her face is half in shadow, as it lends an air of mystery.

  2. 75+ photos in 1 hour for kids, 100+ photos in 1 hour for preggos. This must be the same guy I saw at my local park using a GoPro for family (all in all-white) portraits.

    Turn on the video and yank some frames out. 60 fps sure beats my 6 fps SLR.

    You can always look at this way – about $1.50 per photo. Makes it easier to delete.

  3. Hey, at least the sample photos are an honest representation of what you’ll get. If someone is willing to pay 1k for that it’s on them at this point.

  4. lmao… wtf would you want 100 belly pics for in an hour? Is the baby going to grow in that time? Stupid…. this guy is clearly an amature. And his sample pics are nothing to rave over either. If someone actually paid him almost a grand, they should have just at least saved the gas money and just tossed the cash out a window.

    • Please, it is “amateur”. Not sure what an amature is. If you’re making fun of people, please make sure you’re spelling it correctly. Otherwise, you’re looking like an amateur.

  5. Every day I take better shots than that with my iPhone. For God’s sake you morons, stop throwing your money at these frauds and put it in the kid’s college fund instead.

  6. anyone who buys this lady’s offer deserves no mercy from me, from this site, or from God.

  7. What the hell?! Those pics are crap!!

    • Considering the nature of this website, that kind of goes without saying. 😉

  8. and what the h is w// people getting a camera that allows you to adjust the field of depth and thinking that makes them a photographer?

  9. apparently the Watch them grow package is popular among shitty photographers. A quick google search for the first two lines of the ad returns some of the worst shit i’ve ever seen

  10. Andreas Steen

    You guys didn’t know? There is a linear relationship between your aperture and your awesomeness as a pro photog. The bigger your aperture, the more professional your photos are, per definition!

  11. If after looking at the sample photos someone signs up for this, it is truly on them. The guy is showing his “best” work and if this is it – let the buyer beware.

    Learn composition and lighting.

    The number of photos is not too outrageous – so I’m not going to knock that. Providing the poses are different.

  12. WOW!!! That is crazy! LOL I really hope NO ONE falls for this! Thats ridiculous!

  13. Anonymous

    In the first photo, I’m lost as to what mutation is growing from their heads, second photo… why is there so much dead space behind the kid? Is he moving fast?

    • Oh wow, I thought the second photo was a close-up of the first, but it’s different. Wow, it’s even more horrifying.

      Jeezum crow, I have photos on my iPhone right now that are about this good. I am SO charging my relatives $1000 for copies.

      My faith in humanity and in the arts has been irrevocably destroyed. I hope this woman (?) is happy.

  14. God, if people will pay $1000 for this garbage, I’m in the wrong line of work.

    So basically, she takes a camera (that might not even be a DSLR), sets it to auto, points it at the subject, and hits the shutter? Isn’t that what EVERY SINGLE (non-photographer) PERSON ON EARTH DOES? You could probably train a chimpanzee to take photos like this. And they might even know how to stage them.

    This is the kind of work I’d expect from the paid photographers at my workplace (sadly). It must be nice to get paid so much to be so bad at something. I feel there are a world of opportunities out there for me, really. I’m bad at lots of things.

    Yeah, yeah, OK…

  15. AbsyntheGreene

    My dad took better photos of me as a baby, and that includes the one where he dropped the camera and accidentally took a picture trying to catch it.

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