You Glow Girl

It’s astonishing that this photo has zero likes!

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  1. Burn, baby, burn! What’s the glow with the bad, smokey tan?

  2. George Kremer

    Yikes to Betsy!

  3. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    She looks like she needs a bath. That is absolutely terrible.

  4. sharon g

    Is that Snookie’s sister?

    • AbsyntheGreene

      More like if Snooki and Dr Manhattan had a baby and let it grow up to be a stripper.

  5. That girl was on fire……

  6. shameful could of been a good pix

  7. Rufus T. Firefly

    Trollop on a bar-stool?

  8. I actually kind of like it. The coloring is a bit off and the glow effect is more than a little strange, but the composition looks okay to me. Maybe this site is lowering my standards, but at least there isn’t a dirty sheet or a horrible too tight costume with a completely awful pose.

    • yea…but composition is only part of making a good photo. The editing can prove to be just as big of a factor. Like in the above picture…thing…..making a good picture of a good looking lady look like she just got lit on fire then rolled through dirt… definition of “bad picture”

    • The pose is quite unflattering, turning I’m sure a cute, little black dress into a black sausage tube. Not a good angle for the model’s mid-section. Yikes! Not to mention her bustline, the ghastly foreshortening on her right arm, the awkward placement of her left arm in a position which creates that bowed line on the back of the arm that ALL chicks hate. The line of her posterior is again, not at a good angle, giving straight lines in areas where there should be pleasant curves.

      Shall we mention her left hand?

  9. It looks like the fauxtog attempted HDR on this image. There are very few good HDR images with people in them and typically should not be attempted. Fauxtogs should leave HDR to the professionals lol.

    • I am slightly inebriated, so I spent a few minutes staring at the photo trying to understand what went wrong. Your observation makes sense, though, and that’s another point to jot down in the old memory banks. HDR on architecture and nature shots is a hit or miss at times… on people, no go.

  10. Hanimex Omelette

    It’s from the Sexy Smoke Jumpers calendar for 2013.

  11. For anyone wanting to hire a modern day chimney sweep look here…

  12. ChristyC

    Looks like a very poor attempt at saving an underexposed image. Looks like she just finished working on her car!

  13. Well, I couldn’t help but think about Snookie. But, my first though was “At least the background looks better than most of them”. Seriously, we need a license to get married. We need a license to drive. More importantly, for the sake of us all, we need a license to use Photoshop (or Picasa, etc, etc)

  14. The phrase “black and blue” springs to mind. Is this an advert for battered wives?

  15. Insanehmong

    What? No likes?

  16. artie fufkin

    looks like somebody’s been using that faxtomatix program’s grunge setting.


  17. after a hard day in the coal mine, she could really use some soap and water.

  18. SoniKalien

    Yay, a new form of Zombie – killed by a nuclear accident….

  19. This could have been a great photo, but there’s nothing that screams blugh more than a model who looks like she’s been rolling around in motor oil. Change the angle slightly to flatter her fabulous figure, knock it off with the halo effect (really? This is becoming more and more apparently to me these days) and make sure she doesn’t look like a coal miner and you have a winner.

  20. probably the photographer tried using HDR processing and tone mapping on this which caused the Halo around the woman.

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