Bet she’s climbing into the back of that truck to go hire a new photographer…

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  1. That one guy

    why do people insist on using a crappy fake vignette?? especially a white one! nothing flattering about this at all!

  2. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    So much blow out it makes my eyes hurt. Maybe I should have said white out!

  3. dottie

    You are not a model either!~

  4. well goshdangdoodly, is that little Maybelle? Dodge may sue over this.

    • Jeffssis

      I like that “goshdangdoodly”!!! I may have to quote that. 🙂

  5. Harsh sunlight- check
    shitty ordinary truck with dents and scratches- check
    really bad pose to make the model look like a slut- check
    camera set to automatic so the highlights get blown out- check
    add a 1980’s white vignette to try and make it look like you know what you are doing- check

    Most important: a big ass watermark on the bottom to show you are a “real” fauxtographer- check!

  6. Yikes. Give a girl a little bit of retouching for Pete’s sake! For once I would love to see a bit of that $9.99 “All-in-One” Super-Skin-Smoother action all the fauxtogs are so crazy about.

  7. Susan

    I don’t want to complain about the watermark, just seeing how many people are having their photos lifted and claimed by someone else. It’s sad, but you have to do something to protect your photos and prevent other people from using them as though they took them.
    But the blown highlights I DON’T understand. Why use this one?

  8. Cortney

    Wow, way to highlight her cellulite. Such a kind fauxtographer.

  9. Well shucks fellas. I thought she was just showin’ me why the back of the pickup truck is called the BED. =;)

    And, she don’t need no exposure control at all. Anything more she wants to expose will be plum OK by me!

    But the highlights are more than a bit blown out. I don’t think the fauxtographer’s full attention was on his (camera) equipment.

  10. Pelham

    Real shame cause model does have modelesque proportions with nice long legs, good hair and if you can look closely enough, a really nice face…too bad she didn’t know better that the part closest to the camera is going to be the one most prominent in the pic.

    But then, when you hire a fauxtog you should be able to trust them cause they’re only going to show you at your best, right? RIGHT!???

  11. Alise

    I am so tired of people knocking the fauxtogs on here for not retouching people’s skin (their pregnancy stretch marks, their cellulite, what have you). I mean, of ALL the things these fauxtogs are doing wrong, that needs to be left alone. Why? Because, believe it or not, some people are actually comfortable in their own skin, even skin that isn’t “perfect” or “model-material”. These clients are REAL people and maybe, just maybe, they are OKAY with that. These fauxtogs do NOT need to be retouching their client’s skin unless the client asks them to.Instead they need to stop using fake vignette, auto-modes, selective coloring, etc. etc.

    • I think you miss the point. The point is, that with all the other things the fauxtog does to these pics, why *not* fix the skin? Because they don’t know how? That’s one possibility, the other is all they know how to do is frame fx, colour tweaks, and not the real uses for photoshop, which is not to make a person look like a freak, but rather to enhance their natural looks but a subtle use of blemish removing tools.

      Anyway, that’s my viewpoint on why they don’t

    • Maggie

      Lots of women are comfortable in their own skins, but I know exactly zero who want a photograph highlighting their cellulite.

    • LOL! Not once has a client EVER said to me: “please leave my cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, muffin top, back fat, grey roots, yellow teeth and acne alone please…they make me who I am.” I make more sales because of my expert (and natural looking) retouching skills. You should see the retouch work that goes into Boudoir photos. The only people who need to stay unretouched are under the age of 10, and even then there are usually a few things here and there that need to be corrected. Any professional portrait photographer knows that good retouching is part of the workflow.

  12. The girl is decent-looking but wearing clothes that do not fit her well or flatter her well. Not to mention, there is nothing “photography” about this. The fauxtog didn’t pose her in a way to flatter her, and the terrible lack of attention to lighting and the overall very poor quality of the photo makes this complete fauxtography. While people may be comfortable in their own skin, certain light sometimes negatively accents things like acne, skin issues, and cellulite. Doing some slight softening of her skin would not have been a bad idea.

  13. Filth!

  14. The heavy depth of field on a super busy background doesn’t help one bit. Sure sign the camera was set to “automatic”

  15. What’s weird is that this fauxtog knew to put subject with back to sun for a kick but prob underexposed the face so had to boost levels. I notice a LOT of purple in shadow.

  16. Howie

    i woulda added Buttonize, but thats just me. 😀

  17. Unflattering light on the legs, dents in the truck…bleh.

  18. Andrew

    Sexy highlights on the cellulite, pose the looks like she let one rip, blown out highlights, shadows too dark, entire image lacks any sort of vibrance, uneven color tone, AND crappy white vignette that serves no purpose?

    Grade “A” pic here! Totally the work of a pro that understands all aspects of photography; from posing, to lighting, to editing!

  19. Rachelle

    Anybody else notice the creepy little face in the tire??

  20. You can see the arm/elbow of the fauxtographer in the reflection by her knee.

  21. In an age where images get stolen all the time, the fauxtogs have settled on a picture style that simply guarantees their images won’t get stolen!

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