YANAP Is Looking For Contributors

We here at YANAP have decided to add an exciting new level to our ever growing website. While exposing the ridiculous Fauxtogs of the internet will always be where our hearts truly lay, we’d also like to start giving a little something back to those whose work we so lovingly rip apart. Since we already see an abundance of constructive criticism, opinions, tips and pointers from our fans, we’d like to start showcasing some of the best. Basically we’re looking for knowledgeable individuals from our fan base who feel they have something to share with our audience, whether it be reviews, news, tutorials, educational pieces or just well formed opinions.

If you think you’d be interested, please submit your article or a sample of your work to youarenotaphotog@gmail.com with the subject, “Contributor”.

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  1. Good move!
    I just had to comment… This is the first post that I have seen on this site with zero comments (well, ok it has one comment now). Is this because it’s a ‘put up or shut up’? Is it easy for all of you to be a critic – but not to give something back?
    I would say that the site Admin has finally put one over on all of you bitchers and moaners – I for one am looking forward to making a positive contribution but still also looking forward to a chance of exposing the real Fauxtogs.
    Here’s to the reinvention of this site – onwards and upwards!

    • SurfinKart

      Probably has something to do with the site admin recently going through and banning anyone who complained, not that he’d publicly admit to that kind of embarrassing behaviour. Expect this comment deleted in 3…2…1….

      • Portapoop

        Five days later, still waiting for immediate deletion within 3 seconds.

      • Smilliton

        Still doesn’t change that anyone complaining had their accounts banned.

  2. I wondered what was going on when I saw that first “article” post a few days ago!

  3. I love to help, but like most professionals I don’t have time to work for free. Or write for free. Or need extra ‘exposure’. Does this mean we’ll start seeing a lot of fauxwriters?

  4. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog thorguh my google reader. I work at a library in Texas and let me tell you: PATRONS ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE. Reading is just too difficult 😛

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