Worst Xmas Ever

worst xmas everSanta you’re drunk… and female… and obviously don’t know how to decorate a tree…

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  1. Probably all true, but you know what? I don’t care!

  2. Protog

    Santa! Come to b.. I Mean go, to bed >.>

    Either way, not a great image. Not at all.

  3. ho ho …uhmmm. ho?

  4. Ho Ho Ho hum…this is just a badly set up image. Could have easily been a good image if the fauxtog had even a bit of sense. Once again, however, we get this type of junk.

  5. I’ll disagree. It’s not bad actually – they got their exposure right, no vignette, no other cheesy effects and it’s a bit of a fun idea. Not bad at all.

  6. Christy

    She could have at least washed her feet first

  7. meeshybee

    Reminds me of that MWAC Attack video about infant poses “not just for infants!”

  8. As usual, not one redeeming aspect to the shot. At least no selective colour. It must have made him/her itch not to do it.

  9. I see where the ‘tog was trying to go…but it comes up short in so many ways. The lighting on the model is terribly unbalanced toward the front. The angle maybe could have been a little lower for overall composition and to better highlight the model’s figure. The tree is half out of frame, and while it looks like “too drunk to decorate” may have been the intended theme, I would have at least put the legs on the tree or found some other way to make it more obvious (and yet less distracting) in its incompleteness. The scattering of the decorations seems a bit too random…and if we’re meant to think she got tripped up by the garland, the effect could have been done better. Instead it looks like she was tied up deliberately with the stuff.

    And Christy is right. Ladies, if you’re going to model barefoot…use some soap and water.

  10. The model is so hot, shame he ruined the photo.
    That tree looks really cheap. And a warm-looking background and warm light could have created a hot or cozy atmosphere – this looks cold and sterile.

  11. Often I look at images posted here and think, i get what the ‘photographer’ was trying to do…. But here I have absolutely no idea – what the f is this supposed to be about anyway???

    • It’s a badly-done pastiche of a very popular baby photo from pinterest. The original shows an infant in a tiny Santa hat crawling beneath a tree with several golden ball ornaments in the foreground. It is often imitated and rarely really duplicated.

      • NO WAY!!?? Is THAT what this is supposed to be?? Haha – I didn’t realise – meeshybee was right, it’s just like the Missy MWAC video. Please lord…let this be an ironic image!

  12. The internet is a very unforgiving place for shots like this…

    …why did this happen?

  13. Nothing says Christmas like a wrinkled backdrop.

  14. It’s not just the superb lighting but the classy touches of the wrinkled backdrop and the scuffs and marks on the dirty floor that really make this a genuine erotic classic for me! ( cue much shaking of head… )

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