Worst Possible Angle

Oh fauxtog, why would you do this to the poor girl?

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  1. Wh..wha.. where did her nose go.

  2. did the joker have a sister that we didnt know about?

  3. Miguel Nunes Dias

    This is from the most prolific portuguese Fauxtog, I’ll send you much more poor clients.

  4. is she a Nasua?

  5. Is it just me, or does that girl resemble Lady Gaga?

  6. Andrew Mills

    Can we not have personal insults towards the subject?

  7. rachelle

    omg she looks 12! this is already inapropriate and it’s bordering on illegal. yikes.

  8. “wanna know how i got these scars?”…

  9. A photographer

    Much older than 12, but regardless, terrible.

  10. Luckily for her, air is free.

  11. Again with the insults – Insult the photographer that did this POS – not the girl.

    The photographer should know about posing, angles, and lenses – obviously they don’t.

    Not to mention that it looks like she is in pain and not enjoying the session.

  12. Why so serious?

  13. That wasn’t an insult. Here’s an insult: %#$%^*&%$ you, Dave.

    • How’d you like it if someone came up to you and said something like “Lucky for you the air is free?” – Yeah – ok – she has a big nose – we get it… and the photographer did nothing to help her.

      And “*#*$)$%) you” isn’t an insult…

      I’ve been called far worse in person by better.

  14. BurninBiomass

    The angle makes it look like she has no upper lip whatsoever.

  15. Andreas

    So wait, it isn’t allowed to comment on the subject, only on the phauxtog? Where does this line-of-online-knightly-honor go exactly? I mean if I say “Wtf, she looks like the mad sister of the joker, only without a nose” am I insulting her or the camera operator? What if I say she looks fat? you could still argue both ways. And this site, is entirely built on insulting, mocking and attacking people, but we still have some weird honor code? Color me fucking confused 😛 Did I miss some rules on the site? something?

    • Andreas –

      The job of the photographer is to make their subject look good. Period. This site is called You Are Not a Photographer, thus in the title they are expressing the purpose – to expose “fauxtographers” not to poke fun at things the client can’t change (nose, weight, hair, etc… )

      IMHO – if you want to poke fun at the way people look – there’s a site called “people of walmart” – check it out.

      As for rules – there really don’t appear to be any – but hey it’s not my site – so whatever.

      • bobs ser

        dude. Dave. I know you were bullied when you were a kid and probably at work now too. If you want to be treated with more respect then show us your crap. Stop being a baby. life isn’t fair and the crap you keep saying just entices us even more to pick on you. Hence why your beat up as as a kid by your friends. If you had any.

  16. It actually appears like she’s looking at a different photographer, who has a better shot. Maybe, just maybe, this was taken by the assistant, who’s trying to make it look like original work? Like those mom-turned-faux who stand behind the real photographer at weddings, then add the pictures to their “portfolio”?

  17. Thinking second-shooter shot, too. But don’t know any working pros who would have the model a) so frickin close to the backdrop and b) risk shooting her with her head tilted down so much. That coy, chin-on-the-shoulder shot is so 1980s.

  18. Maybe this photo is the work of someone who wasn’t supposed to be at the shoot. Maybe someone else was behind them, taking a GOOD photo and this person exploded in through a window to snap this photo.

    The shading is so ridiculous. It’s like the end of her nose just gives up on trying to exist and merges with her lips.

    • That’s a real possibility. I’m always happy to let a family member snap an iphone photo in our studio, but sometimes they mistakenly tag me or my studio in the process

  19. I have to agree with Dave. This site is about the person taking the picture, not the person in the picture. How terrible of you all to put her down for something she can’t help? You are cruel. A real photographer would have known how to pose her in a much more flattering way. If there are no rules or guidlines about commets, then there should be. Keep the comments to the terrible photography.

  20. LJRich

    No one has mentioned the weird tuft of ghost hair that appears on her back near her armpit, yet…..shouldn’t be there because her hair is pulled up and to the opposite side. How……I don’t even….

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