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  1. Dear Bride and Groom,

    Please enjoy 100GB of pictures of your drunken guests penises.

  2. Wow. As if there aren’t enough fauxtographers covering weddings and stuff, now we have to hand the guests cameras and let them join in. At least we won’t see any bad spot coloring or heavy white vignettes from this.

  3. horribly awesome.

  4. Anonymous

    I actually love this idea – I photographed a wedding with a professional once and the bride had a disposable camera on each table so guests could take photos of whatever they want.

    In a way, it does allow you to get photos you normally wouldn’t think you’d get, but I would never really solely on my guests photographing the ceremony or the post wedding shots – too much Uncle Bob-esque would happen.

    I would still hire a professional to do the professional photos – why not splurge and spend money for quality?

    • Aussie Girl Kate

      This website is about NOT getting a professional photographer. Its very popular to have cameras on the table or handed out to guests, but NOT instead of an actual professional photographer! The normal idea of cameras handed out to guests, works really well, I love it too! But not the idea of doing that completely instead of using a professional!

  5. 5 mp cameras! That is so much better than the 110 film I was going to use.

  6. $25-$30 for an old, decommissioned junk camera yet they are going to charge $100 for lost cameras? Are these people for real?

  7. AlexaFaie

    When my Mum got remarried she had a couple of professional photographers (they were a couple who worked together) but also thought it would be fun to get some disposable cameras to give to the guests to take photos of the day. There were only 14 of us in total, including my Mum and Mark, so it was a very small occasion and everyone behaved really well. The photos the guests took were fantastic and made a lovely memento of the day. I’d never replace the professional photos completely, but some of the photos the guests took were better than the professional shots. My Aunty has a fantastic eye for composing photos and got some lovely shots. The guest photos are actually more fun to look through as they are more quirky and spur of the moment, rather than the professional shots which are more staged. Though I think it helped that all the guests had a bit of an artistic flair anyway.

  8. Anonymous

    I cannot even imagine how many of my drunken freinds would lose / keep the cameras.

  9. I’m just trying to picture the view of the congregation from the alter…so much glass!

  10. i can agree with this article in so many levels , i cant say how many times i have seen an out of focus dog sitting on shag carpet with the 1970’s couch in the backdrop , and the person is really trying to sell this ? i personally went to NYIP , does that make me a pro ? NO , i have noticed a lot of bad pictures since i signed up though lol , i have not even started on a portfolio maybe i should try that , or or wait i got it , you should get a kick out of this ” im doing a 365 this year ” LMFAO , i have great respect to photographers , dont get me wrong , i think the point of this article is to point out all the crap thats coming out of cameras these days , not to mention everytime i turn my head , im a photographer , i swear if you take 10 people and ask if they are photographer 9 would say they were , what once was a since of art has become this over crowed field of lost dreams , i wish these companies would make every person that wants to buy a DSLR take a short quiz , if you fail you cant purchase it , but who the hell am i to say , other than i understand , this problem is getting bigger and bigger by the day , i want to do Medium format to set myself aside from the DSLR’s , i have even thought of polaroid 20 X 24 , than i soon realized i would have to make that camera , not many out there , ok so i have said a whole lot of nothing and im good with that , enjoy reading this , as i did enjoy the article

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