Where’s Waldo, The Early Years

There’s someone behind you… we’re assuming his name is Waldo…

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  1. Well at least they got the family dog in the photo.

  2. Bad Fauxtog! Always check for hiders!

  3. In the Fauxtog’s defense the kid prob did it on purpose seeing as there is an actual space for him.
    Now what certifies this as a fautog shot is that it actually made it into an album and got edited and watermarked!!!

  4. How many pros who have done many, many group images like this can say this never happened to them? You seem to always get that one kid in a group this size who is just going to be a little twerp, or has some issues that will create this problem. This image has much bigger problems then Waldo!

    • Annoyed

      Exactly. Like the brightness, or lack thereof, it’s crooked as shit and it looks like a family picnic during the depression era.

  5. Oh… and by the way…. you’re adopted…

  6. ghost child…. creepy.

  7. Hardly a fauxtog. Given the horrendous crap I’ve submitted to you recently this is a pathetic post in comparison to demonstrate fauxtography. Shame on you. Hiders are everywhere, even in adults. It’s probably deliberate on the kid’s part. The only thing I would have done is clone the little sh1t out.

  8. I have submitted several photos to this site that are a million times worse than this and none of them ever get published…yet this makes it? 😐

    • I’m having the same problem. Just with the stuff I have submitted alone (not counting things I’m sure other people like you are submitting), they have PLENTY to work with. The stuff I gave them is the very definition of fauxtog…and yet they post stuff like this instead. I really don’t get it. They could make this site so much funnier. Also the kid probably hid because he is extremely shy and/or has social anxiety and didn’t want to be in the photo at all…I was that way when I was a child…most of our family photos either don’t have me in it, or they have me hiding lol. So I really wouldn’t go blaming the photographer for it. There’s only so much they can do with unwilling participants.

      • Same here – I submit stuff that is far worse than this… I submitted a “professional wedding photographer” once who had an entire album of blurry photos, all with prices next to them… But that never ended up here. This post is nothing compared to that.

      • It could be that the fauxtogs you submit are similar to what they’ve already posted and would like variety.

    • OMG this photo is funny! The ones that are so bad that they aren’t even funny, where the person who posted it clearly has something wrong with them are just getting annoying. The ones like this that show a big screw up that would have been noticed and fixed by a real photog are the ones that are actually interesting.

  9. That little girl in front should have hidden too…lol

    • Why? I think she’s adorable, doing that goofy little shrug thing my daughter always does. Photos of children do not have to be perfectly posed to come out good. If this expresses the girl’s personality at the time, then it came out fine. I’d rather look back on photos of my children being themselves so I can remember those years, rather than a bunch of perfectly still-posed, fake-smiled photos that don’t capture any personality. But that’s just me. 🙂

  10. They didn’t want cousin Timmy in the photo, but didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so they made sure the photographer hid him.

  11. This is not that bad, smart-arse kids hiding aside, considering some of the awful stuff out there but that sepia thing is really bugging me, seems so unecessary. The hideous shadow overload, they’re all in bright white against a dark background, so bright it’s blinding.

    Do love the expressions on the faces of the kids at the front, they’re just not having it!

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