When You Gotta Go…

The expression and pose in this photo says it loud and clear, she is about to drop one right on the side of the road…

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  1. Aimee

    oh dear.

  2. George Kremer

    Yup, nothing says, “Glamour” like a pile of dead branches and some green weeds for a background.

  3. I just have one question. When a client gets this from a “professional” photographer, what does she feel like? Do you think she likes it? If it were me, I would be mortified and be like – “you are NOT posting that online or anywhere… that is horrid….” Does the model even care how horrendous?

    • Aubrey

      Unfortunately, if she is a model, she doesn’t own the rights to that pic. The fauxtog does and they can post whatever. She can complain, certainly, but it obviously won’t do any good.

      • TollTollPhotography

        Being if the photographer made her sign a modeling release… if not then she CAN sue or ask for them to be removed.

  4. peter

    No toilet paper? Is she planning to use leaves or that CLEAR plastic bag off to the right of the picture OR that Doreito bag just under her rear end?

    Atleast the photog got her in focus…..but no sign of lighting nor bounce to make her poop…I mean “pop”.

  5. but it’s art, right?


  6. When will people learn, not all girls are pretty enough to model. I don’t care how rockin the body is, if the face is fug it wont work.

    • As a friend of mine told me – it is not the photogs call if the model is not handsome or pretty, that is the person at the agency’s job.

      My job as the photographer is to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…Which this photographer failed at. Miserablely.

    • TollTollPhotography

      I think this was a prostitute.

    • Canaduck

      I think that’s unnecessarily nasty. She’d probably be much better looking if she weren’t making a weird face, wearing a tacky mesh dress, and squatting near a pile of garbage.

  7. Lauren

    I think she already did! and then covered it! notice the brightly colored piece of what i think is some sort of garbage debris connecting the heel to the butt!

  8. bad make up, trash, chain link fence… just bad composition all around

  9. bubba

    the only prop the fauxtog forgot was a roll of TP or wadded up tissue… then it would have been perfect!

    • Gal with a Camera

      There probably IS some, somewhere in that pile of sticks. 😉

  10. what the sh*t is this?! holy hell. i’m always amazed at what people consider “good”

  11. kathryn

    it doesn’t help that there is a colorful piece of trash under her tush. also – what is with the awful eye makeup?

  12. Heh. Holy. Wow.

  13. Seriously!?

    what the heck is the blue and yellow thing under her butt??
    what do people think when they take or even pose for photos like this…? face palm!

    • Loltog

      Looks like a chips bag (ruffles maybe?). That was my favourite detail.

    • -zero-

      Maybe it is one of those she-wee things

    • Everything is blue and yellow and magenta and cyan in this picture, not only the thing under her butt 🙂

  14. BurninBiomass

    With the type placement, it looks like she is taking a dump ON the photographers name… which is accidentally appropriate.

  15. Crystal Little

    I know what’s happening here, this is an add for an escort service. Has to be. At least the lighting is good… Everything else is smutty.

  16. Andrew

    What is that, a kazoo coming out of her backside? No wonder she has that look on her face. She is trying to play a tune.

  17. no one special

    Model: “can you make me look like a trashy whore?”
    Fauxtog: “Yes.”

    • FalconGTHO

      Given what shes wearing I suspect this is what she wanted. “I want a rough, ‘edgy’ look. Somthing with ‘street cred’.”

      • TollTollPhotography

        Nothing more street than a prostitute

  18. Gal with a Camera

    How can they NOT notice the piece of trash right underneath her… rear end?? Lol


    Perhaps this is for her job application at the strip club?


    If this girl called me for a photo session, I’d give her the number for the nearest Planned Parenthood and a good therapist. And I’d tell her no to the photo session. SHEESH.

  21. Even if you liked the picture. How ould you not see the trash in the background. Never heard of the clone tool?
    And this is photo is so much bad taste I couldn’t even if I wanted to, contemplate it as a good photo.

  22. be a good photo for a troubled teen campaign….get the girl some help, she looks like a prostitute at the end of a hard night.

  23. David

    Another BIG issue with fauxtogs shooting ‘models’ is that they don’t seem to give a shit about styling or make up.

    If this was a client of mine – I do many pinup, burlesque and boudoir – I’d put her in, say, a sensuous boudoir environment, nice high key, mostly natural lighting, tasteful lingerie, immaculate hair and makeup and she’d look a million bucks.

    There’s a type of fauxtog that just seems to want to stick their big lens in the direction of any half naked ‘chick’ they can find.

    • Put her in a decent pose and some good lighting and I guarantee that the makeup doesn’t look like it was thrown on without a mirror. The light is crap, the pose is crap and the photo is crap.

      Then you add to that that this looks right out of camera – no skin smoothing or edits at all… Christ…

      The dorritos bag or whatever it is under her butt just adds to the “I’m taking a dump” look of this.

      I’m all for location shooting – but move the model around, pick stuff up, put them in flattering poses, and use your cropping / dof to your (and her) advantage.

  24. Pelham

    I’ve seen this pose, done well, and with the model positioned properly. However, in that shot the girl’s back was hollowed, not arched, her right arm wasn’t isolating her head (and totally cutting off her neck, a huge no-no for models) and her head was up looking at the photog in 3/4 profile. And though she was wearing a spandex bodysuit, she wasn’t wearing heels and she was in a studio. It’s a pose that is supposed to show off length of leg.

  25. Colorray

    I think she’s hot.

    • FalconGTHO

      Theres someone for everyone (except me, lol). Shes doable for sure, dateable would require personal knowledge.

  26. Gal with a Camera

    I dunno… one of the things that bugs me most about this is her bad eyeshadow job. BLENDING, BLENDING, BLENDING. Harsh edges with any makeup is a
    big no-no! BLEND IT IN. Girl, don’t you watch Michell’s Phan??! 😉

    • Pelham

      Yeah, the horrendous makeup is another huge no-no. Even if you can’t afford the best fauxtog around, at least invest in a good makeup artist and stylist :-/

  27. Melissa R.

    Even if the background was flawless (lighting, too), this pose is just too…fetal. Ick.

  28. Merdinus

    Ah man, that’s gonna be like putting mud through a tea strainer.

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