What The Mustache


It’s too bad, this image is so close to perfection. If only they’d edited in just one more side table!

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  1. What the actual f@#k? This is a “professional” portrait? Gah!

  2. We definitely know who’s the man in this relationship. Or are they brothers? Or… OH GOD

  3. lol, awesome

  4. Derp blue

    God you people suck

    • greeneggs&ham

      We may very well suck, but not as much as these two guys do, and definitely not as much as this photograph.

      • I like coming to sites like this to see awful pictures, just like the next guy… But like other bottom of the food-chain sites, they’re so full of homophobia it makes me sick to my stomach.

  5. I found this site a few weeks back as it was posted by a fellow user of a camera forum. At first I got a few laughs. Well, I got quite a few laughs from it. Now I’m just p.o’d. Take for instance this “photograph”. My standing gag when someone asks me to list “why I like something” or such is to reply sarcastically, “you want to hear the whole list or just the top one hundred”? Well in this case, here I go. Do you want me to list all the things wrong with this or just the top one hundred? I dare anyone to tell me what is right with this piece of trash. Won’t any of this “photographer’s” friends please tell them how crappy this really is or will they do what everyone else does and just hit like?

    • ” Do you want me to list all the things wrong with this or just the top one hundred?”
      Go for it, Bob đŸ™‚

      I’m not a photog or a fauxtog for that matter, I dont take many pictures and dont pretend they are any good, and never intend to be any sort of professional, my pics are just for my own use, but I enjoying learning about how to take better pictures by learning what makes a bad one! There’s no harm in doing something the best you can.

      Im thinking besides the strange crawly thing on the guy’s face that can’t be real, you’ve got the whiteout effect of the guy’s cuffs right in the center of the picture, the background that is all sorts of different (is it different in the pocket of the elbows there or is that just me?) and weird decorations stuck on there for apparently no real reason but to be really confusing… what else am I missing? (In layman’s terms, please. I dont know an f-stop from a stop sign)

  6. LOL I think I recognize that wavey squarey textured thingie from PS6. I always wondered WTF those were for…and STILL wonder WTF they’re for.

    • They’re for when you really want your photos to look like a bathroom-mirror selfie.

  7. Tanya Divjak

    This is the most disturbing, over-edited hallucinogenic photo I have ever seen. There are so many things going on here, that it would be difficult to know where to begin. Maybe it’s just a bad psychedelic dream.

  8. Despite the colour pallete and the ‘Pose of St. Peter, this isn’t so bad

  9. I’m wondering if this isn’t a photographer form an Asian country like India. Because this is usually the style they have there.
    Of course for our western standards it’s quite bad, but like I said, this is the style of photography most popular in some Asian countries. And then wouldn’t that make ik alright?

  10. funny how he’s got time to make another post, but not address the blatant IP theft in his last one… let’s you know where the priority is, more posts more ads!

    • Dawn Thomas

      Right on!
      Too much time on his hands from not having any work. A hack is a hack is a hack.

  11. BurninBiomass

    The random leaves in the corner pulls the whole thing together.

  12. This is very much Indian style, honestly. They want it like that

  13. Mustache culture, is its own reward. Capturing it for others to see, does it no justice.

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