What The Egg?

I think I’ve figured out what the red blobs are, those plastic Easter eggs, but as to why they are floating around in this image with that baby is beyond me!

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  1. Aspasia

    That baby looks as though she’s in the middle of line kick. Jazz hands!

  2. Maybe they thought that it was a juggling act when you have a kid lol this is just all kinds of wrong

  3. Even without the large red eggs, this picture makes no sense. What is that baby doing, and where is it doing it?

  4. Taylor

    attack of the killer eggs!

    this should never be the first thought that comes to mind when looking at a “professional” image

  5. Melissa

    Black and Red are ALWAYS good color choices for Easter pictures…

  6. For me it’s the lighting…I always love seeing light reflect in my eggs and harsh shadows on my kids faces!

    • **Not shadows…sorry…lighting.
      Poor kid looks like she has bags under her eyes!

  7. Attack of the killer Roma tomatoes????

  8. So there I was…floating between moms ovaries when this clot went drifting by…

  9. what is wrong with people.

  10. maybe she’s in the matrix?

  11. Oh, you guys are just so stupid. The baby quite obviously just hatched from the Easter eggs. DUH!

  12. there is a local photographer in the area that does the exact same work only she makes a mockery of her own kids and a few others.

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