What The Crop?

Seriously? What is with the mid-ear crop job?

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  1. This is not at all professional looking, but the composition is actually somewhat attractive. The post processing isn’t terribly good either, but overall this image is head and shoulders above what normally is found on YANAP.

  2. Aaron Charron

    So every parent feels they need to look like they are performing terrible terrible things to their babies?

  3. ThiGimenes

    The rule of thirds! He left one third of the ear!

  4. Where is his mouth at? What the h*** is he doing???

  5. It’s part of my Alluding to Incest photo series.

  6. this is disturbing

  7. Broken Focus


  8. Pedobear seal of approoval!

  9. Gal with a Camera

    Yes, this embodies what every parent feels like with a newborn… every parent wants to smell their baby’s crotch… :/

  10. Embodies what every parent feels like? You didn’t even noticed what kind of trash you were creating! Forehead to forehead and both with their eyes closed is one of the thousand ways to go, so you don’t crop the head, and the fingers in the baby’s head are disturbing… A pacifier is easy to remove while the baby is asleep and showing his arms is allowed, too. He seems to be sinking into the bed.

  11. *Thank gawd your finally asleep, I’ll just keep forcing this pacifier into your mouth as I pass out on you.

  12. Heather

    Makes me think of the TWGW song babies for dinner. There is nothing good about this picture imo why would you cut off half of dad’s head and make the baby appear to be so small in such a big room? Yes I want a picture of my bed.. oh just throw the baby on there for some flair. Sheesh.

  13. someone

    I think it is so sad that this photographer missed this, it could have been a really sweet moment to capture.

  14. If you look at her portfolio, she doesn’t deserve to be on this site.

  15. The composition is actually not that bad. If they took some classes and learned about lighting and some basic rules of thumb for photography, they would actually be pretty well off, I feel like.

  16. deadeye

    It sucks. look at it.It look like he put it on a timer and focused wrong. weird shodows in the corner and the baby looks deceased. Composition my ass.

  17. Saphron

    It looks like he’s eating his child.

  18. This picture makes me very uncomfortable. I’m about 10 seconds away from reporting it to police…

  19. This isn’t really bad even if the dad is cut out. I mean it’s got more of a journalist feel and plays in the rule of thirds. I particularly like the cropping the focus is on the baby not particularly the parent. I mean if you look at a lot of memories you have they aren’t perfect and this is kind of one of those aspects. Had they tried to put more of the parent it would of been awkward. It keeps a bit of tension in the shot being the crop that it is. Maybe it if had creative lighting. To me, like I stated above, is more journalist style.

  20. This isn’t the entire picture. It is a screenshot of a FB newsfeed. You know, when you load a large photo and you have to click on it to see the entire shot… I’m not saying it’s a good photo… but, it’s probably not as bad as it looks…

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