Wedding Portfolio Video

So much fauxtography, all in one video! See if you can watch it all the way to the end, it’s a challenge for your eyes!

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  1. sickofcupcakes

    My eyes just died. And my ears from that musak.

  2. Annoyed

    That was just horrible. My word! The cheese factor on those flipping digital backgrounds is at about two billion. Why? Why do people abuse their images and their clients that way? Whatever happened to just capturing a fabulous image and not tarting it up with all those stupid effects and junk? I hate that.

  3. So many swans, so much class *gag*

  4. lmao, wow… Don’t try to fix poorly done photos with gimmicky edits. These will not be cherished for a lifetime, poor clients. The image at the 2:50 mark is epic.

  5. All that kitchery and pan-pipes too!!
    My cup overfloweth!

  6. The shot of the bride eating her flowers was special. It spoke to me, it said “This fauxtog is taking so long, I can’t wait for dinner at the reception…”
    I’m also sure the kid in the Christening shot will appreciate his willy hanging on out when he brings his mates over in 15 years from now and that shot is sitting on the wall.
    So much to say but I will end it there, I need to Lysol my eyes.

  7. Rhinda

    I Love the use of the high pass filter at 2:49 WTF?

    • LaughingGirl

      I suspect it was used to cover up the poor baby’s genitals – Fauxtog got a straight on crotch shot during the Greek Orthodox style baptism. Unless I’m wrong and the baby is being thrown down a hole in his birthday suit.

  8. that’s just scary. I know a pro around my area that uses these cheesy photoshop kind of things…He is a decent photographer and then mucks it all up with cheese.

  9. Kymberly

    Are you annoyed by the photography or do you loathe
    Scrapbooking? To my eye all the people are so impossibly photogenic and attractive that I’m not sure a drunk guy with a Polaroid could have made them look BAD. As it is if they’re happy with this then we should be too. In the end the customers satisfaction is what matters, not that a photographer got to add to the portfolio. (Now if the wedding couple t turned this in themselves then I agree. The shot on the bridge is he mad? Are they fighting on their wedding day already? That one worried me).

  10. Every cliche imaginable all in one tight package. This should be shown for educational purposes on what NOT to do.

  11. This type of photography is perfectly acceptable if you only paid the photographer $20 and some saltine crackers. Oh, and if you don’t care about your wedding photos and just consider this your “rehearsal marriage”.

  12. I made it to 15 seconds

  13. That is the BEST fuaxtogery very!

    Now what is the best way to clean vomit off a keyboard???

  14. If you look at this and think ‘hmm, this is who I want to take my wedding photographs!’, then you deserve it.

  15. seashell

    really?! REALLY?!

  16. It is like “where’s waldo?”, just that waldo is replaced by that one wall-worthy image.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    My God! They’re everywhere! The disease has spread worldwide…. it’s worse than zombies.

  18. it’s worse than an 80’s music clip, when record business just bought their new editing console and they used every effect they could possibly find on the devices. -_-‘

  19. Meanwhile in Commystan…

  20. RichardsKitten

    Um,..I’ve seen this a lot. If you happen to notice, this is in Spanish. It seems to be the norm among Hispanics, so even though we consider it horribly tacky, it might not be the case elsewhere.

    PS. I’ve also seen this from other countries too. The German? was it? And their odd thing with forced perspective bride being bigger than groom, etc.

  21. Ive had people ask me photog their wedding and this is why I don’t want to yet. I don’t want to butcher someones wedding day! God Awful!!!

  22. Isabel

    And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always…..hate fauxtogs….GAWD. This is the most horrendous thing I’ve seen on this site. Well, 2nd. First was that couple laying seductively in their wedding attire in the bed Photoshopped on top of a building. Where is that anyway? I miss that one.

  23. because I’d love to have unflattering angles, poor or no editing, and ridiculous frames set to painful music. definitely something I’m always looking for…

  24. I already hated Celine Dion’s my heart will go on…with this… it just justifies my hate… I loved the gray people in the greenery at 0:16 seconds into it…lol…and the groom in the trees at 2:12…. Geez… maybe he didn’t want his face being shown?

  25. Melissa

    I think it’s “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston… but maybe I am wrong… I did only listen to the first 20-30 seconds before I stopped it. LOL

  26. It is “I Will Always Love You” …with a mix of “Endless Love” in the middle…
    If people are happy with their wedding photos, that’s all that matters. Some people do not want high quality portraits. For me, it would be worth it to pay a few thousand for a picture style I like. For all I know, these are pictures taken by friends and relatives. The person above who mentioned that this is in Spanish is right. I’ve seen a lot of Spanish and German wedding pictures with cheesy effects.

  27. BurninBiomass

    Man, I gotta get here earlier… the vid was pulled already 🙁

  28. Aaaaand they got embarrassed and took it down!

  29. I think I found it again, but since I haven’t sawed the post early, I’m not entirely sure. Can anyone confirm?

    • Chelle

      I don’t think so *LOL* That looks like some Videografaux that felt it necessary to tape the entire damn dance *LOL* I didn’t get to see the earlier video either, but I understand it to have been a bunch of Fauxtos strung together in a vid *LOL*

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