Wedding Ghosts

Very spooky, especially the eyeless bride!

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  1. Opacity levels and layers… you’re doing it wrong.

  2. Even as far as the photo goes.. The Bride’s eyes are closed.. Really? This is the photo you chose??

  3. andrea

    This hurts my eyeballs

  4. Nikki

    oh my… i have no words

  5. The bride kinda looks like a zombified demon

  6. Teran

    OMG. Who is this photographer? I want to hire them to shoot my wedding! What a professional, beautiful look this photo has. I have NEVER seen anything like it! ha.

  7. Oh my…..I have THIS beat. But I can’t send you the link to it because then they’ll know I turned them in. 😉 HAHAHAHA

    People…..put DOWN the cameras. You are NOT a photographer!

  8. I really hope they asked for a refund.

  9. meeshybee

    Fauxtog: Hmm… these shots didn’t quite come out as nice as I planned. (lightbulb flickers on above head) *gasp* I know what I can do!

  10. Bugzy88

    I must bring out my Photoshop Bible and cast out the demons in this photo!


  11. errr….are there any comments left by FB users? Or likes? There can’t be any this time, can there?

  12. Art_Student13

    what the…?

    Where is the foreground?! Which image is the background!? Why is the house a ghost too? and the step railing!?
    What creative process do these people think in!? Do they just spin a dial and whatever it lands on, thats what they do!?
    Fauxtog: Let’s see…how should i edit this one? *spins and reads result* Multiple layers with half opacity levels creating a ghost effect. I’M BRILLIANT!

  13. It looks like two awful pictures combined to creata a worse one.

  14. The bride’s eyes are closed because she cannot bear to witness the horror around her.

    • Benny

      This is the photo promoting the upcoming renewal season of Ghost Whisperer. Melinda will be getting married and ghosts will be part of her wedding court.

  15. ithurtswhenipee

    Double exposure? Nah, a fauxtographer would never stoop to using a disposable 35 mm camera – they are professionals after all.

    OMG! the little hill in this picture is exactly the same angle as the steps in this picture – PHOTOSHOP!!!! This is soo going in my portfolio.

  16. Christy

    The whole wedding party? Oh, I forgot to get that shot. Hey, I know what would look cool!

  17. “Oh shit, I forgot to get a group shot of the bridal party! Wait, I’m awesome at photoshop.”

  18. meggy

    It’s different. It’s weird. It’s……awful

  19. You see what happen when you call a fauxtographer? You will not have a wedding album you can be proud of, but at least you have each other 🙂

  20. Wsroadrunner

    I see dead people….

    Jason from TAPS is on his way to investgate

  21. This is what happens when the limo crashes on the way to the reception.

  22. O.M.G!!! SMH!!! I don’t understand???!!!

  23. Snappy

    Somebody paid for this, proving PT Barnum’s point: There’s a sucker born everyday. Even if it was only $35 for a wedding shoot.

    Then again, if someone wants a “Pro” and doesn’t want to pay anything for it, they get what they deserve. Would you hire an exterminator for $30 who says: “I do professional extermination. I just bought a can of Raid yesterday. I spray it around aimlessly and hope it gets the job done.”

  24. Pelham

    I called in sick to work today. Now after seeing this, I feel even worse. Gawd.

  25. Snappy

    LOL If you look close, you can see the fauxtog put the bride and groom in front of horizontal mini blinds. Terrible, just terrible…how could someone so thoughtlessly execute a portrait? The nice park in the background wasn’t as good as the side of a building with mini blinds in the window?

  26. Every year Aviation Week has a photo contest. A couple years ago, someone did a picture of the Stealth Fighter with a guard standing by it. But it was a long exposure and at some point the guard walked out of the picture so he looked like a ghost. I thought that was a pretty cool application of this.

    that being said, this picture is not so good.

  27. katie

    I like the “derp” face of the girl on the stairs. Hey, not only is this pic a keeper, let’s put it in a montage too!

  28. What is that thing in that guy’s head? This is seriously messed up. It’s like fail on top of disaster on top of fail. I am actually impressed.

  29. i hope they didn’t pay for that

  30. Gelatin

    SMH… speechless

  31. Isabel

    What is trying to be accomplished here? Fauxtog, Did you not have enough time to photograph the entire bridal party together? So you decided to photoshop photos RIGHT on top of each other? Get a real job.

  32. Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice

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