Wedding Bells & Pentagrams

A grungy door, a pentagram and an awesome arching shadow definitely should be included in all wedding photos!

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  1. Not to mention the weird way that she’s leaning forward.

  2. Broken Focus


  3. Looks like she’s leaning forward to fart.

  4. well– that’s inappropriate.

  5. Faith Simbeck

    Ermmmm….she can’t even stand on a step without falling over…maybe he married the wrong girl! Bahaha.

  6. Are we leaning forward to minimize a preggo-belly?

  7. Yeah, let’s make the bride squint. That’ll look terrific.

  8. Did she get married at a middle school?

  9. Is that Ben Dover’s lovely sister Ilene Dover?

  10. Would have been light years better if she was throwing up horns and sticking her tongue out.

  11. The Church Lady

    Who was the best man at the wedding… hmmm…. maybe SATAN?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. “I need you to lean over so the sun isn’t totally in your face. We could move to a different spot, but I LOVE this background.”

  13. Close Wes – fauxtog was leaning her out of the shadow of the overhang.

    “Wait – that shadow is cutting off part of your face – lean out into this harsh direct sunlight instead. With the wonderful angle I’m shooting at this will look just swell!”

  14. BurninBiomass

    I wonder who gave the bride away…hmmm, could it be, SATAN?!?!? Isn’t that special.

  15. I like this shot! Maybe for it’s irony but still. If this was intentional, I say bravo!
    A minor crop adjustment to straighten the horizon is all it needs.

    Potential to be Pho not Faux

    • Annoyed

      I hope you’re available to shoot my wedding said no one ever.

      • Not sure this ‘reply’ was meant for my comment but,
        I was speaking in terms of aesthetics/creative composition, not the cookie-cutter-budget-ography which seems to be the standard…or maybe I don’t ‘get’ Wedding Photography… Either way the photographer was probably aiming for the latter.

    • Jennifer

      I hope you’re kidding

  16. Just because you had your wedding at the local rec centre doesn’t make it a great back drop for a photo!

  17. What we need here is a rumply fold in that wedding dress and more shade! This will show how you are bowing to the prince of darkness!! Doesn’t that just spell love?

  18. Artie Fufkin

    This just proves what I have always said about good photography : THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS

  19. Umphh. Umphh. I gotta go poopie.

  20. Everyone has photo’s in front of this venue – Lets do something different and get shots in front of the service entrance. I even think I seen a pentagram on the door which will really bring out the color in your eyes.

  21. Never mind the pentagon, and the bending down, how about the lighting?! Why did they stand her in that light with a great big shadow from above going right accross her face, and a strong light accross the bottom?

  22. Cristina

    you know, this actually makes me angry. Its one thing to be a fauxtog and screw up portrait sessions that a family can do again with another more experienced photographer. Its quite another when fauxtogs do weddings. That is a very important event that can not be done over. Anyway, i think this shot was done in front of a church and the pentagram was made by an athiest kid. i feel bad for this bride.

  23. AbsyntheGreene

    Another weird facial expression, she sort of seems to be plotting. Like Lex Luthor type plotting.
    My first thought with the pose was she looks like she’s bending forward to get momentum to throw the bouquet, but then I realized where the heck is she throwing it to?
    The pentagram is just weird, but done be probably some teenager who likes to think they’re so very hardcore and rebellious, but is really just another future burger flipper.

  24. The doors really kill this image not to mention it was taken in the worst possible lighting. And they call themselves a “photographer”?

  25. I don’t suppose anyone considered the idea that the knew the pentagram was there when the took the picture?

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