Water Bed


Is he really tall or is he supposed to be standing on a rock? Two legs of the bed sink, yet two remain on the surface of the water? Where is she going to put that shoe? Just so many questions but the most pressing question of all; what were they thinking!?

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  1. Is this from one of those awful Russian wedding photo sites?

    • It’s Polish! Omg, the bed is in most of their “work”. From what I know the guy taking those thinks he’s a photo-god, and is booked for years. YEARS. People love this sht!

  2. I could go on and on about all the things wrong with this photo but what I’d really like to call attention to is what’s right. Check out dude’s nipples!

  3. It’s like pieces of baloney on his chest.

  4. what the hell? Seriously what the hell? I mean who looks at this and says you know this is awesome stuff? I know I suck at some stuff, I am still learning but I know not to ever do this.

    • greeneggs&ham

      the same people who think it’s awesome to install that horrific scalloped brick edging in a perfectly spherical shape around their front lawn trees.

  5. I don’t get it. What is the message here – they couldn’t afford a real waterbed so they put a bed in a stream? Why is the bed crooked? Why is the ground crooked in the other direction? I think I’m getting dizzy … I need a nap.

  6. If one Dutch angle is good, two must be better! Other than that, all I can say is I have an odd craving for a belly raspberry.

  7. …And this is who i call a wet dream

  8. It is very obvious that the bed and people are edited into the scenery, an optical delusion.

  9. “I am the king of the Large Dark Nipple People! Let me bed you and multiply my breed!”

    • oh good lord. LOL

      You just made me laugh.

      And I read that with the voice of Zapf Branigan (the douche military captain from Futurama) in my head. LOL

  10. Christina

    Creepy. Oh so creepy.

  11. Aside from the subject matter, it’s one of the worst cases of Photoshopping I’ve ever seen.

  12. I get it! The angles (walkway and bed) are supposed to converge to the great dark nipple guy! LMAO

  13. BurninBiomass

    The wedding guests enjoyed the outdoor wedding, until the bride and groom insisted everyone watch as they consummated the wedding in a crooked bed in the pond.

  14. It all makes sense, they are vampires. They don’t have a reflection.

  15. Confusing image.

  16. I get that it’s photoshopped together, and I ‘think’ the composition was supposed to imply that she is a water nymph. Beyond that, I cannot fathom what was going through the person who composed this thing’s mind. The original photo of the lady with bed seems to have been composed and modeled for by people who at least had a clue, and the background layer photo isn’t too shabby either. I wonder if either parties concerned know how their work has been violated.

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