Warning : May Cause Nightmares

It may be a little better done than some we have seen on here, but still epically creepy!

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  1. It’s definitely refreshing to see an example where execution was decent, but it was just a horrible idea. I like it.

  2. Oh my. I guess bad taste knows no bounds.

  3. Did they lop off dad’s hands so mom could hold them in a heart shape?

  4. it is creepy but actually pretty well executed LOL

  5. Our little Quatto … awwwwww

  6. In the words of my husband “just because you can doesn’t mean that you should” I have to agree completely.

  7. “mine will be a chipotle burrito..” LMAO

  8. “Open your miiiiind” – Kuato, from the 1990’s Total Recall movie

  9. Is it just me that’s thinking about Total Recall?

  10. The comments are the best!!

  11. Bernard Rentajag

    “Quaaaaaid! Start the reactor!”

  12. Um, what in heck is that thing on dad-to-be’s left index finger? Is it melting?

  13. “No, they didn’t!”

    Yes. Yes, they did…

  14. I liked the one comment: “Could you do that with me, Mark and a Big Mac inside our hands?” Now what could that commenter possibly have been thinking …?

  15. The concept may be cute when tossing around ideas – and I will give that this is one of the best I’ve seen in execution – it’s still just downright weird. Every single time I see this, this case included, the proportion and positioning is completely out of whack. Here, baby’s head is bigger than mom’s and its butt would be dangling somewhere between her thighs. Add in corny heart hands and creepy 3D ultrasounds and it’s just boggling.

    IF – and I say a big IF – I had a client (or god forbid, I ever wanted to do this for myself) I’d just wait until the baby was born so I could use clearer, better picture. But then again… nah.

  16. It’s a shame that he’s wearing a shirt. One check box left empty…

  17. Human relationships are just like a relationship between you and your camera. Trying too hard makes things ugly.

  18. Baby is giving us all the finger! “I’m trying to sleep in here – why don’t you all naff off!”

  19. Gal with a Camera

    No matter how many times I see this done… it just never works. WOW. o_O

  20. My neighbors dog has been known to take a well executed crap in my yard too, doesn’t mean it’s nice to look at! This is a horrible idea!

  21. From the size of the babies face I would say you’ve carried this child about 5 years to long.

  22. It`s a nice concept, but…

    • Creepy as ever, but honestly really unique and creative concept. I’ve never seen a sonogram overlayed. I’ll give them a +1 for creativity

  23. I like it.

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