Very Crappy Cutout

If those tiny fists belong to the fauxtog, perhaps this horrible attempt would be a little more acceptable, but despite how bad this is, we doubt it was created by an infant.

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  1. you think that’s bad? Click my link!

    • Stephanie

      So bad (& Andy, your link is badly edited too.)

    • OMG! I thought it couldn’t get worse and it did! People Pay for THAT! I feel so much better about my slightly out of focus shots of speeding bikers after seeing that. Here I was agonizing over a little soft focus and there are people out there selling this kind of crap. Wow!

    • That’s pretty bad, Andy. Although, I still think the above image is worse. What I want to know is, where did they find dismembered baby hands?

      • The modeling shots are an abomination . . . .and some of the comments – just goes to prove P.T. Barnum was right . . . . .

    • WOW!!! I feel like the best photographer in the world… to this garbage! Thanks for the link.

    • And here I was, disappointed in my own work … wow … just wow.


  3. These are the photos that just leave me going…


  4. i guess this is a follow up to the floating belly ?

  5. Canaduck

    Complete garbage. No wonder legitimate photographers hate these people so much.

  6. robert

    Looks like this fauxtog took an idea from a successful image and tried to recreate it. For examle, the woman actually holding the hands in a heart-shaped brace to show their love and caring for the child. (Or the client showed a picture of how they wanted their shot to be taken.)
    But then the fauxtog failed in the execution, but still had to come up with *something*, so he (badly) cut out the hands to show relative size…
    That’s not a mere failure, that’s crashing and burning.

  7. Tippytap

    Go on Facebook and look up photography by teal from claremore oklahoma, those are horrible and from what I was told she charges you 50 dollars for gas to come to you. From some of the pictures I have seen they are out of focus,blurry,shadows everywhere,sun on the kids faces, cars on backgrounds. Select coloring is horrid.

  8. Tippytap

    I am sorry she has changed it to teal betts photography.

  9. ROFL … This is apparently her main job!!!
    And I quote:
    “i have taken photos for friends and family for years and have now decided to branch out and do this as a main job, i have an eye for detail and know a good picture when i see it”

    REALLY? She “knows a good picture when she sees one”? Could have fooled me.

  10. Gal with a Camera

    My six year old cousin told me that she was gonna cut up and paste together some pictures of hands, then post them online… but I didn’t think she would really do it! Wow, this is just terrible, sweety. This is low even for her! :-/

  11. Wsroadrunner

    What did they use? A chainsaw?

  12. I know that a tiny baby’s hand muscles aren’t developed fully and the hands tend to naturally close…but I SWEAR those baby dukes look like somebody’s squared up and about to commence to bustin’ some heads.

  13. Their hands have corners! Clever!

  14. It’s the birth of Superman.

  15. Patton

    Everyone should know that those are Chuck Norris’ hands…he punched right through China

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