Up a Creek

Can you imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing this hanging on the wall?

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  1. Why is this so terrible?

    • Clarissa

      It’s bad because is suffers from “subject confusion”. We don’t know whether the hands dabbling in the water or the child’s shoes are supposed to be the subject of the photo. And it is worsened by the use of selective color on the shoes. My eyes don’t know where to land. Selective color is supposed to attract the eye, not DIS-tract it.

      • Not to mention that big hand looks like something out of the Addams Family

  2. It definately doesn’t look as bad as nearly all of the others pictures you guys post…

  3. The crop, the greyscale, the selective coloing of the shoes.. just to name a few why’s.

  4. I wish there wasn’t an extra creepy hand, a better crop more of the child’s face and of course the selective colouring *sigh*

  5. awkward…

  6. I’ll assume that this was made to be an ad for a family owed shoe store 😉

  7. I jumped when I saw the extra large creepy hand. Why does the boy have one regular hand and one extra large creepy hand? That’s what makes me not like this image.

  8. The addams family hand!!!!!!!!

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