Tiny Toes


That shadow is killing me. I bet the fauxtog saw the lighting was horrible, and thought, “I know I’ll change it to black and white–that fixes everything.” Unfortunately, it also doesn’t fix the awkward positioning of the feet and random ruffles peeking out.

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  1. The shadow of the lens from the on camera flash is hilarious.

    Any crop could have saved it somewhat.

    However, I still think there’s a lot more low-hanging fruit out there than this image.

  2. Haha, stef called it. on camera flash

    Can you do a post about hiring a photog and hearing the click of the on camera flash?

    Click, Pop Up, RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.

  3. Is it just me or does this look like an action shot of a breech birth?

  4. This looks like a family member that put the baby anywhere on a wrinkled blanket and thought, “oh I need a picture of just the feet cause they are so cute!” The shadow is a red flag…but the feet look awkward…and I’m sure unpositioned. If you are going to shoot babies you either get it really right or you get it really wrong!

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