The Red Glow Of Matrimony

Everyone wants wedding photos they can look back at over the years and ask, “wait, is that us?”

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  1. …and to be able to say with a smug grin…we saved a BUNDLE on our wedding pics by booking from Craigslist! 😀

  2. Tommie45


  3. This looks like it was shot through a wet napkin.

  4. Aubrey

    I think they’re taking the “2 become 1” a little TOO literal! Where does his face end and hers begin?

  5. I feel embarassed when I post pictures like that on my blog (i.e., underexposed ships because it was the cusp of twilight) and I couldn’t possibly imagine charging someone for something like that. At anyrate, was the wedding held in Hell (not the one in Michigan either) or something?

  6. Dorinda

    I mean…….SERIOUSLY?!?! I feel so sorry for that couple, then again they hired the photographer.

  7. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I want to feel bad for the couple but caveat emptor.

  8. I’ve just lost all hope in humanity. I can’t conceive there could be a photographer charging for this outrage.

  9. WTH? It saddens me to see these people hire fauxtographers for big events such as weddings. STOP BEING CHEAP LEAVE IT TO US PROFESSIONALS

  10. Janet

    A creative way of saying “Our love is red hot” or, perhaps, “This marriage is going straight to hell”? Either way, it’s too unsettling for my tastes.

  11. If a builder or a plumer did work as obviously sub standard as this they would be taken to court. They would never last long in business. I just wish it was the same in the photography industry, as I often see people booking photographers who have a shockingly horrid portfolio of awfulness on their websites, facebook etc. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs :-/

    • Unfortunately, unless they misrepresent their services or portfolio, there’s no real legal requirement to have good taste.

  12. It is really all about respect. The public just doesn’t respect what we profesionals do these days and they show it by choosing this crap and boasting about how much they saved by using this clown. They get what they deserve and pay for in my opinion.

  13. BurninBiomass

    Thats the way things look to me at the end of a wedding I’m participating in (not shooting). But thats because of the alcohol, and I don’t want to remember it like that.

  14. The thing is, we all know this picture is crap, but there are idiots out there that think it’s beautiful and artistic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the couple didn’t just love this shot. (Although it’s hideous).

  15. Is this the photograph after its been through the wash?

  16. Melissa

    Why do fauxtogs all use the same 3 or 4 fonts for their watermarks?


  17. Meowcate

    In fact… that’s a nice picture, if it was to be used in a horror movie or horror video-game… sure.

  18. DANG IT, why do we have to censor the names of the people who post this crap? It’s so entertaining, I’d love to subscribe to this photography site.

  19. red sunrise….blood was spilled last night ( *poor attempt on Lord of the Rings refference )

  20. What A Nice Shot !! Just awesome..

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