The Pits

The fauxtog did a┬ásuperb┬ájob of finding the most flattering angle for this woman. Well done! What? Armpits aren’t attractive?

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  1. Couldn’t they have at least photoshopped out the underarm hair stubble?

  2. Annoyed

    This is just awful.

  3. Wsroadrunner

    No razor???

  4. bad pose, bad backdrop, but at least they didn’t spot color anything…

  5. Peace – I was thinking the same thing… if you’re going to have a sh*tty pose, at least even out the skin tone!

  6. lol what a hot mess!

  7. grateful mom

    What is wrong with you people? I think this is one sexy underarm.
    I can just see myself nibbling the super-sensitive skin . . .
    Sorry, got distracted there.
    Too sleepy.

  8. Maybe she’s got a fucked up ear.

  9. this model has a nice face and good curves – this is really horrible posing and backdrop for her. If your model shows up in all black clothing – why not do low-key lighting and really show off her nice face or curves with minimal/strategic light… or if you must do high-key lighting then for chrissakes change the backdrop to white and pose her in a more flattering angle/pose. And if you must have this pose & odd crop size (you shouldn’t) but at least reframe it so she fills the frame – a few inches less on top and include her full hand at the bottom – creating dynamic tension in the image. and of course a little smoothing out of her arm pit…and the odd pointy bulge in her stomach (belt?). buy hey, instead of doing all that – just choose a more flattering pose and lighting. viola!

    • Very good commentary. I was thinking a simple fix would be to at least switch the raised arm to the back one.

  10. I’d hit it, (if she’d just put her arm down).

  11. coulda been saved

    turn her around armpit faceing wall, other hand (the one nearest the photog) bent up a bit palm out, throw up a grey backdrop or seperate the subject with a light on the black, maybe tone down the blacks in the backdrop in post.

  12. For the love of god, why? Even with her arm down, it’s a pretty weak effort. (Disclaimer: I’m not a photographer of any kind, but even I know this could be better.)

  13. Katherine

    oh my God my husband would puke… he absolutely hates armpits…. he says the only time anyone should ever see someone’s armpits is if they are having sex…. He despises when I wear tank tops and I keep very nicely clean shaven armpits tyvm….LOL my husband would puke at this for sure

    • LOL. I don’t even shave mine. Wonder what people would say if a fauxtog put me in this pose!

      • Rebecca K

        I thought this site was called
        stop talking crap about the victims and stick to the topic.

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