The Picnik Replacement…*Head Desk*

Last month, the editing site Picnik announced it was shutting down later this year, and fauxtogs across the world freaked out. How would the edit their pictures now? Well, today at YANAP, we ran across the Picnik replacement, PicMonkey. We even created something beautiful for you to illustrate the sites, err, features.

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  1. Oh thank goodness. ::rotflmao::

  2. True art

    • You Are Not a Photog

      Thank you, thank you. We’re creating a RedBubble Store right now.

  3. Meowcate

    Sweeeet, fauxtography is not dead. It has focus ! and color spot !

  4. Good Lord, I thought that was some kind of hamburger with greasy tomatoes on top for a minute there. Brilliant!

  5. Is that a tumor??

  6. Christie Mathis

    alright! if i upgrade now i can get “Fancy Focus”!

  7. Poor Adobe, now Photoshop will die!!

  8. oh sweet jesus I’m a professional photo editor now just look at this masterpiece

  9. Is that a BLT on that babies head?

  10. Captain Eddie

    Any way you cut it, it looks like total crap!~

  11. From the Facebook thumbnail I was sure this was an arty photo of a penis.

  12. The weight loss filter!!!!!!!

  13. Derpface

    Wow, even their sample photos are bad. I’m looking at the flower one, and someone needs to tell them, oversharpening does NOT fix bad focus.

  14. Wsroadrunner

    Well, I guess now the fauxtogs can slow down their crying…

  15. I am so glad this was not from a fauxtographer. I’d hate to think anyone would create such a thing as a “good” photo. But maybe some freak out there will decide that this is a good idea.

  16. I played with their tools. Sure is easy. Easy to create utter garbage if you want to. And clearly some people do.

  17. Anonymous

    Nooooooooooooooo!!! I was hoping they would give up!

  18. jessica

    please for the love of god would someone tell me what i am looking at?!

  19. What the hell is that?

  20. Unless, it is a baby with a pile of tomatoes, (nicely presented with Parmesan and garlic), on its head, and butterflies flitting about its fist, I, too don’t know what it is.

  21. someone

    Any shitty fauxtog can take even the best of programs (photoshop) and turn their snapshots into garbage, anyone who is creative, takes good pics and has a good eye can use shitty programs (like this one) and still create something beutiful. It’s not the camera or the editing software, it’s the user, 100% of the time.

    • Wsroadrunner

      A professional knows better than to use substandard equipment or software. A competent carpenter could build your kitchen cupboards with a chainsaw and sledgehammer, but they’d know better.

    • True. I think the issue they (and myself) have though is with fauxtogs using Picnik to edit everything because Photoshop is “too expensive” or “too complicated.” it’s basically an issue of taking the easy way out instead of investing time, money, and effort into improving their craft.

  22. If you know what you are doing you can make a photo look goodt using picnik or cs5. They are essentially the same set of tools, just dumbed down alot in picnik. Im tired of all the ripping on picnik. I am an amateur, but yes I started on picnik. Now I have learned cs5. There are some things you can do in both programs though and there is no difference when looking at the end result.

  23. Meowcate

    From CS5, you have (for example) the Halo effects. Some photographers would know how to use it, but quite rarely. But fauxtogs would be like “I have a sunny picture, let’s put halos ! halos everywhere !!!”
    It’s not about “Picnik/Picmonkey is a bad website”, they did quite a good job. But because it’s free and easy to use, you have hundreds of fauxtogs who’ll react like “every shitty pic can be turn great with tons of special effects !”. And so, the new generation is coming.

  24. So who the hell dumped slices of salami on what I think is a baby’s head?! Even worse, who thought to use a leopard-print blankie?

  25. Miss Obnoxious

    Well actually, I heard that iPiccy was the Picnick replacement. And it looks like it is! I tried it out, and it is almost EXACTLY like Picnicker was.
    I have used Picnik for awhile. I use Gimp too.

    Can I be completely honest here? I’m so tired of you guys hating on people who use Picnik. Just because a few people make bad creations with Picnik, you view Picnik as a place where you can only make trashy pictures. I use Picnik for editing, and I think that my photographs are actually pretty good.

  26. Totally thought it was a pancake at first. Oh god, no more please, my eyes burn.

  27. PicMonkey doesn’t appear to be a bad product, as freebies go. Sure Photoshop is better for fine-tuning contrast, fixing smudges and soforth, but for the absolute beginner, this is probably as good a place to start as any for cropping, tweaking saturation or experimenting with colour. Point of fact I will likely show this program to my young neighbor who just got her first point-and-shoot camera. She’s 9 years old. I doubt she will be taking any business away from the professionals. So why are so many professionals hating on this program? Damned if I can figure it out.

    As for how this program will likely be used by most, I predict spades of new Facebook header photos with cheesy hearts and butterflies and pink vignettes..and then maybe just maybe one in a hundred users will actually move past all the gimmicky crap and use it to produce some good photos.

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