The Opposite of Flattering

edit that belly

Minimal effort Fauxtography at it’s best! Don’t worry about editing or anything silly like that, just point, click and share it with all of your 25 Facebook fans!

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  1. Well it’s not a great picture. It’s an ok snap. I’m not keen on photo editing peoples appearance, I Qprefer them ‘warts and all.’ Having said that, I’d probably have faded those stretch marks a lot.

  2. Or suggested a change in outfit.

  3. I’m pretty sure she’s well aware of her stretch marks. What a strange photo though…

  4. Most people don’t realize that there are two parts to making a good photo. First, you have to take a good photo. Then you have to properly edit it, even if it’s just white balancing it. The best photo in the world will be crap if your skin is green. The best edited photo in the world will be crap, if it’s this one. Sadly, editing this photo would not save it. It’s a quick phone pic at best, an awkward looking poorly exposed “what are you trying to tell me” pic.

    • There are three parts to taking a good photo. The first part is setting up a good pose.

      • You’re right to add that however, when I say “you have to take a good photo”, that should go without saying that doing so means a good composition. In any case, I was just tying to debunk (as has been done countless times before) the point of view that many have wherein they feel any crap pic can become a five star event because they can always edit it to perfection. Garbage in…garbage out…

  5. The color of the grass is insane, and why is it taking so much space in the photograph? And the photo should not be square. The woman’s stretch marks are not an issue, and neither is the lack of editing. I would even go as far as to say that if the couple remain still, and a more educated and talented photographer were present, that a better angle and correct camera settings would actually produce a nice photograph of a shared moment between a couple.

  6. At least her breasticles look good 🙂
    It’s an unfortunate picture, but maybe they wanted a “battle scars” picture.

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