The Opposite Of Classy

You forgot the water and you forgot to remove a layer. Bath time really isn’t that hard, maybe if you hadn’t consumed so much vodka, you’d have an easier time with it.

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  1. uglymadafaka

    -your mother was a whore
    -thanks for the advice

  2. Now that’s just one to treasure forever….so pure and elegant.

  3. AnusFace

    Is this for ?

  4. Annoyed

    Awwww…leave her alone. It’s probably a Father’s Day present.

  5. BurninBiomass

    If I drank that much vodka I’d be bazooka heaving. Maybe someone thought the upcoming projectile vomit would be easier to clean up in the tub.

  6. blownoutsky

    snooki that you?

  7. The bottle was full until the fauxtographer needed to find some inspiration. Good thing he hadn’t drained it, or this shot would have taken place on a set of train tracks and her undergarments would have been selectively colored. As it is, we were only one sip away from an artificial vignette.

  8. jackd

    where’s the evidence this is from someone trying to pass themselves off as a pro?

  9. Very bad exposure and angle. I wonder…if adjusted slightly for angle of model whether or not this would’ve been a decent American Apparel type photo?

  10. Timeless family memories. In 15 years time….”Mummy, mummy do you have any pictures of you as a girl I can take to school for my project?”.

  11. Michael

    Maybe, maybe, if it was a claw-foot victorian tub, you know, for the irony value. But in a fiberglass tub/shower surround… Its not ironic.

  12. RachelS.

    I used to take photos like this. Including “models” in tubs, recliners, and on train tracks. I am ashamed but glad I know better now. I shudder to think of the kind of awful photos I used to pass off as photography. =P

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