The Money Shot

Really? You use this to attract customers? Now I’m the one LMAO.

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  1. You see? This is why there are so many tryouts for American Idol. People don’t tell others that they haven’t got it. YNAP provides a valuable service. Thank you, YNAP!

  2. This is just awful

    Who brags about their own work like that?! Especially when they have nothing to brag about…

  3. Anonymous

    And they might want to think twice about advertising for photography by using the term ‘money shot’

  4. Hopefully no actual money was used in the production of this shot. Yech.

  5. How clueless can they get

    And they might want to think twice about advertising for photography services using the term ‘money shot.’

  6. This isn’t real, right? Tell me it’s not…. it’s just a mock, yeah?? I mean… Really??

  7. OMG. Seriously?? It’s hideous.

  8. This seriously cracked me up. I love photography, but am by no means a professional photographer. I take pics of my kids and admire professional work. I have some friends who are amazing photographers and I have never heard one of them use the term “money shot”. The only thing that would have made that comment better would have been if he said “We call this the money shot… in the biz”

    • I too love looking at real professional work. I have a cheaper dslr but would never ever call myself a professional when I only take pictures of my children who have to suffer through it! This one looks like a digital camera or a kit lens! I am a photography blog junkie, and never once have I seen the term “money shot” used either. Ha ha! So clueless…

  9. I love how they are laughing their asses off on their business FB page. That’s professional….almost as professional as that photo.

  10. I have the weirdest boner right now.

  11. -exposure: back blown out, face not lit…oddly the knees are lighter than the face.
    -skin tones: wow, really? was the fauxtog so into her uh, fancy processing to notice the horrid skin tones?
    -cropping: right…so one basic rules is to NOT crop at joints. the model looks like her hand and feet are amputated – at the wrist and ankles. ick
    -the pose: odd use of almost-fetal-position and a come hither look on the model’s face – only slightly disturbing :p what are we trying to say with this?
    -the processing: clearly the money shot was in reference to the skewed rectangle frame falling out of the bottom + the very odd choice of background.
    -marketing: wow. No, really LMAO.
    hehehehe (sic).

    • The model looks like an oompa-loompa, with the orange skin, heavy metallic eye makeup and hair cut. That’s just horrid! And someone actually “loves it???”. This is just awful.

      • Ooompa loompa

        BAahahahahAHAHHahah she does look like an oompa loompa. I feel bad for the model though.


  12. Do you know what the term “money shot” means? Because this is not it. Unless it was named this before you posted it, in which case, I apologize.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      I think you’re confused. Read the comments below the image. The fauxtog herself calls this a “money shot.”

  13. The “money shot” term must come from the weird light on her neck……

  14. Anonymous

    SADLY this is what a LOT of people are thinking is COOL, there are so many who throw out the REAL photographers for this crap…and think it’s “cool” So all that time you learned the technical aspects of photography, how to put those great catch-lights in the eyes, how to pose people so they appear at their best and light them perfectly…well it certainly is NOT appreciated much anymore 🙁 btw LOVE THIS BLOG

  15. Oh, my, someone upgraded from picnik to photoshop and discovered the out of boundaries feature, which should be disabled on all ps software!

    • FantasticallyAwesome

      LOL…just Photoshop Premiere Elements though…we’re getting there haha

  16. I can’t believe that someone actually liked this – besides the fauxtographer that is…

    This takes bad to a whole new level

  17. Oompa Loompa doompadee doo….she looks very orange

  18. Anonymous

    Her skin tone seems so orange that she could probably pass as an Oompa Loompa

  19. Well you can’t just take a “good” photo on command. You have to wait for it to happen by chance, and when it does, you plaster it everywhere.


    That’s all I’m saying.

  21. Susan Hoffman

    Dare I say with that pinkish-reddish hair thing going on she looks like a rooster? Is this for real, really?

  22. I thought maybe she was the newest cast member of Jersey Shore with that skin tone.

    As for the pose…her face may say “come hither”, but the rest of her body seems to be saying “I’m having a s***! Could you PLEASE put that camera away?”

  23. I actually feel sorry for this poor girl! She prob thought she was doing a great job “modeling” and having fun, then the “photographer” makes a joke of it! Anyone in their right mind knows what great work looks like compared to this… Sad….

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