The Little (Topless) Mermaid

Check out this picture, isn’t it neat? Don’t you think this fauxtog’s a creep? Wouldn’t you say this guy, this guy messed up everything! (To the tune of Part of Your World from Little Mermaid)

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  1. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    What in the reign of Christ did he do to her boob? And stomach? And isn’t there a copyright issue here? Booooooooo. Hissssssss. Boooooooooo.

    • She’s supposed to be “in the sand”. You can follow that blur all the way down to her knee.
      (Why am I so good at guessing what goes through stupid peoples heads?)

    • Canaduck

      It looks like she’s fused to the sand.

  2. Lalalalaaaaa

    That is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen! Both the model and the Fautog are creepy. Wonder if they got a release from Disney to use their characters… hah.

  3. Scarlet

    Crab seems to be near the right spot!

  4. Heather

    OMG you just made my day. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I sang your caption. I have to say I laughed even harder when I saw the comment “that’s Hot”. You should have an awards thing at the end of the year.. and this should win the Were you on Acid when you did that award. 🙂

  5. Melissa

    Fail blur and clone tool usage. Just wow.

  6. Nemo wasn’t in “Little Mermaid”! Ruined!!

  7. Art_Student13

    …Why does Sebastian have Jaundice?

    also no……just no….forever no.

    Thank you Fauxtog for f*cking up my childhood.

    • He drank a lot because he had to pose with creepy half naked women for poorly Photoshopped pictures, and so his liver failed.

  8. aswicks

    Doesn’t she look a bit like Michael Jackson?

  9. Chantal

    OMG!! This is just too much!!

  10. creyes8519

    Nevermind that Nemo isn’t in “The Little Mermaid”

  11. BG is probably wallpaper from Disney showing suitable characters all in the same scene, rather than issuing individual Nemo and Little Mermaid ones. However the rest of the shot is just a hawt mess.

    And naturally the lazy-ass fauxtog couldn’t even be bothered to try and replicate the light/shadow patterns coming through the water, onto the mer-Prince/Michael Jackson/???? model. Things will never change.

  12. I just pulled up this fauxto and immediately my 3.5yr old said “Hey I’ve seen those 2 movies”. I really have to monitor her closer, I’m not sure that I want her watching movies about “real mermaids of disney”. Yikes!

  13. Well, I like it…said no real photographer ever!

  14. NicCole

    I’m gonna do minor defense – at least she’s really wearing a mermaid skirt, her back doesn’t look too bad, and while the makeup is awful, actually the makeup is just awful. It looks more like really bad editing – when blur tools go insane – and lazy photoshopping. I get the mermaid request quite a bit, and my answer is always “only if you’re the creepy man-eating type,” but a lot of women want the pretty mermaid. So, I think we’ve seen much worse than this one. I wouldn’t use it to advertise, but I’m guessing the buyer wasn’t too unhappy with this. And I really like looking at the top of the water; you know, where a graphic designer actually new what they were doing…

  15. Nemo and flounder are from different films……………………………..

  16. Artie Fufkin

    I can forgive a great many things but I can’t forgive erasing tits

  17. Sebastien: The Later Years.

    Fired from the royal household for being a crappy baby sitter, the red crustacean finds a new living as a pimp.

  18. And what about the cloning work of the seaweed? BTW is it a woman?

  19. LongRange

    Who the hell are they marketing this picture to??? “Hey! We got Disney for the kids, and topless mom for Dad! Win-Win! That’ll be $140 please!”

  20. PMKphotography

    oh, my ugly model doesn’t have any boobs? CLONE STAAAAAAAAAAAAMMP!!!!!

  21. Las Vegas

    This “photographer” tries to scam models by saying they have to buy a certain designer’s clothes to be shot in and submitted to get paid work from the designer. Of course he sells the clothes at a “deep discount.”. His photos are among the worst in Vegas.. and that is saying a lot!!

    I wasn’t surprised at all when someone showed me he was on here!!!

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