The Best Big Brother

best big brother

Wonder if he got a home run?

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  1. This picture hurts my eyes. I’m sure the little girl didn’t enjoy it either. Just what goes through people’s heads when they come up with ideas like this? This should be poster of the year of “what you should never, ever do”.

  2. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Well, the swing is too high to hit the toddler, so I don’t really get what’s going on here!

  3. Nice depth of field good color but WTF WTF WTF?????? Why WHY WHY ?????? Is this Obamas new poster for Sibling abuse?

    • Notaphotog

      good color? I;m not a photographer and this one is baaaad. Composition, color, focus.

    • Really? Nice color?? Depth of Field?? There is nothing nice about this… from the canting to the color to the pose to the framing.. Nothing is nice…

    • What is nice depth of field?

    • blown out, muddy blacks, and oversaturated is not “good color”. Depth of Field puts the swinger out of focus.

      It’s actually a great example of “bad color”, and “bad DOF”.

    • Ummmm, great color if you like over-saturation. . . . .

    • Umm can you not see sarcasm here people good lord! Why do you think I put WTF 3 times …. You all need to have a drink!

      • Unfortunately you can’t back yourself up with this one cuz the “but” does not state any sort of sarcasm but actually that you did think the DOF and color were actually good

  4. Oh dear, where do I start?
    Where is that kid putting her hand, is he going to clout her, what is she holding .. That black blob? Why is she on that stool in the middle of a field.
    And what is it with that crooked horizon? Ok it works sometimes but it is yet another photographic trick that is way overused. And the overblown highlights. And you can’t see either of their faces at all..
    Just No.

  5. I bet it’s difficult to play baseball in boots too. There is so much wrong with this picture the only right thing is that appears here to be properly ridiculed.

  6. He’s dropping his hands way to much. he will be hitting he foul for sure….

  7. The only thing that would’ve made this shot better is a huge watermark across the center.

    This is honestly one of the BEST bad shots I’ve ever seen:

    Bad posing (holy crap)
    Bad attire (yeah it’s tough to find kids clothes without ads, but still)
    Bad use of DOF / Out of Focus
    Bad exposure, both over and under (post processing issue)
    Bad editing
    Bad composition (dutch angles? really?)
    Distracting foreground elements

    The beauty of it is that it’s deceptive on how bad it is. It’s like the assault short-circuits your brain into thinking it’s not nearly as bad as it is. It’s a perfect example of a fauxtographer’s work.

  8. It’s just weird…pose and everything else aside, what’s the story? At initial glance I thought it was Big Bro is the baseball player and Lil Sis is a cheerleader….but then why not wear the complete baseball uniform? And that skirt looks more like a tutu than a cheerleader skirt. And what’s up with that footstool? It doesn’t fit the motif at all. Had the little girl been posed on a stadium chair or drink cooler it would have made more sense. Then there’s the field..which looks like my grandma’s cow field…hardly creates the “Play ball!” mood. the And that baseball bat looks a mess. If my props and location looked that bad, I’d just do without and shoot inside with a wrinkly bed sheet for a backdrop.

  9. This isn’t funny.
    I’d like to think I have a decent sense of humor… But nothing about this is funny.

    • bgsather

      There is nothing funny about this picture and the fauxtog that thought the pose was a good idea really needs to get out of the industry.

      Also, you have to wonder what parent would find this pose acceptable?

  10. Derp blue

    The font used for the watermark is my favorite fail with this image.

  11. foul….

  12. NorthLoop

    Hahahaha holy crap I went to that HS

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