That’s Got To Be Bad Luck

Weddings and graveyards always go hand in hand!

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  1. that is tacky and ridiculous…

  2. bwah I can’t stop laughing….

  3. oh my…oh my…

  4. At least it’s not in Comic Sans.

  5. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe to them theres some significance to being there but that dont excuse the horribly blown out sky…….

    • Annoyed

      I think that the couple probably thought it was funny. To each his own. There has been great debate on here about doing what your client asks for vs. guiding them in the direction of NOT wanting shitty photos. But, I digress. The theme of the photo is what it is, but the technical flaws of the image are what brought it here. It’s just bad. It looks like they shot it on a Kodak Easyshare at noon. Awful.

      • Annoyed

        And they also over-saturated to try and compensate for the blown out sky. Ugh.

  6. Not to mention that they are using “bleeding cowboy” in there business name…

    • Third worst font ever! Papyrus and Comic sans come first and second

      • ^Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

      • You’re absolutely pathetic, did you know that? Yes, it’s a bad photo, but you’re worried about a font? Do you also bash Arial that is used here for comments or on pretty much any other discussion forum? Times [New] Roman in newspapers? The Garamond/Berkeley derivative in Google’s logo? Or the identifying font in just about every corporate entity on the planet? Do you even know the names of half the fonts used on this site alone? Like the one on the gravestones in this pic? How about the font used in pretty much all of Adobe’s products? Name those instead of posting such a stupid comment about fonts YOU hate. Not everyone has the same opinions you do, MF!

      • Are you serious DB? Your going to have a whinge about us hating on Bleeding Cowboys? Do you like it? How are you comparing it to the legible, perfectly fine fonts that you listed off? Yes I know plenty about typography and typefaces. You missed something along the lines there, Bleeding Cowboys has nothing to do with arial, Times, Garamound etc. except for the fact it portrays letter forms (but not very well).

        Let me get this straight… Everyone is aloud to pick apart all the fine technical flaws in a photograph but don’t dare mention a font… Opinion Officer DB will give you an earful.

        I’m sure you must be an avid Picnik user to know if it’s on there. I had never even heard of Picnik until this website. That font did the rounds quite a few years ago now, hard not to know it.

      • I never said I liked the font and no, I don’t use Picnik because I’ve never heard of it until this site either. I also know a lot about typefaces, having been involved with the publishing industry for several years. Everyone here is *allowed* to have an opinion, but fonts used in watermarks don’t have much to do with with the technical aspects of a photo like composition and lighting. Yes, it’s ugly and overused, so why even mention it? That’s MY opinion, anyway.

  7. LOVE the picnick font.

    • That font is good ‘ole Bleeding Cowboy. Overused since 2007. (Graphic Designer and font nerd, here.)

      • The fact that you and others know the name of that font suggests you and all the others also used Picnik before you gained your “professional” status?

  8. Who’s the guy in the black suit standing by the gravestone in the background?

  9. Christie Mathis

    HAHAHAHAHA oooooh that is CRAPTASTIC and I haven’t used that word in like 10 years

  10. Should have gone with Comic Sans!

  11. Marriage and death? Tomato; tomahto

  12. This is just a terrible, terrible idea and in true fauxtographer form, poorly executed photo. But I think it’s the use of the Bleeding Cowboys font in the logo that annoys me. I love the font, but it’s becoming overused.

  13. Wow, I have seen so many cute “save the date” pics; this isn’t one of them. This is just tacky.

    • It really is. Graveyards are supposed to be a place of reverence and respect. This is anything but.

  14. i hate everything about this.

  15. Wsroadrunner


    Wed/dead, people wear black, there is crying, pretty much the same

  16. CanonGuy

    I’ve seen the “work” of this so-called “photographer.” Trust me, it doesn’t get much better. The person has session fees and everything. It’s quite comical – but sad at the same time – that “photographers” out there (like this) take peoples money for crap like this. It’s a typical case of “Hey, I bought a SLR of E-Bay, I’m now officially a photographer!” ….. Pathetic !

  17. hate the composition – there is no excuse for poor composition…
    I find it hard to believe this shot was taken with an slr, I’ve seen better images from some camera phones…

    • I know someone who just got on 1x with a pic taken with a cellphone. Mind, it’s a helluva good shot, and he’s already shown lots of promise.

  18. I’m trying to find one good thing about this photo…nope – got nothing…

    Bad idea, bad execution, bad all the way around.

  19. Timothy

    I have done engagement sessions in the cemetery many times, however, the images never included grave stones! The unused areas of a lot of cemeteries are often better looking then most parks.

  20. Heather

    Cool if they are both undertakers and met in a Graveyard? Nope, still not cool.

  21. Snap085

    The person responsible for taking this picture seriously needs to find another interest. To even fathom this being a good idea is BEYOND ridiculous!

  22. Captain Eddie

    You can tell a lot about this guy’s experience level by the lighting setup he’s advertising here. “Spray and pray” seem to be the norm for these fauxtographers these days. Sadly the public is buying this crap.

    • you can tell a lot by the headstones on the photo of a wedding invitation, too.

  23. Ive done a session in a graveyard…but it was more of a day of the dead/calvara session…they aren’t the typical “engaged” couple. But it was nothing like this…lol

  24. wow.

  25. sorry, but i can’t believe they went with this s****

  26. The poor couple. Not that far away from getting married and they get robbed like this…

  27. …seriously? There’s a font out there called Bleeding Cowboy, and I don’t have it?….


  28. Advertisement under pic: “where do u find soul, show us and win $5000”
    Seriously are the adverts hand picked? They have to be!

  29. They’re kidding right? Has to be a joke

  30. antnego

    Blown out skies and cheesy superimposed text are so romantic… I hope he didn’t shoot their wedding as well….

  31. I saw a wedding photo once (difference being it was actually good) of the Groom posing by an open trunk with a shovel, and the brides legs and wedding dress hanging out of said open trunk. It was provocative, artistic, and a successful photograph.

    • Exactly! Almost every photo, ever posted, on this site would look entirely different if created by an actual professional….

  32. Hobbyist

    The couple is cute. I’d like to see what a real photographer can do with them.

  33. ACK!

  34. They wanted their invitations to be associated with the dead, just like the state of their brain cells.

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