Take Snapshots of Beer Bottles, Make Money

Image from Regretsy

Take beer bottles, place them in front of a tree, sometimes use a digital camera and presto, you are a fauxtographer.

More on Regretsy.

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  1. What.The.Frank.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it weird to see two balls and a shaft?

    • Hiphopanonymous

      If you drink Coors Light, everything will look like two balls and a shaft

  3. Lee Caterson

    It’s not even REAL beer!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Coors: Screwing over the music industry since Tipper Gore’s PMRC (Parent, Music Rock Censorship). Yes, the same douche bags that brought you warning labels on albums and put Jello Biafra and Too Short in jail.

  5. Wow and he will even autograph the picture too!

  6. What a tasteful watermark job.

    • Rule of Watermarks: The aesthetic quality of a photograph is inversely proportionate to the number of copyright notices applied.

  7. Bob Evans

    Really??? Seriously???

    “Hey, I just made myself a PB&J sandwich and, if you’d like me to, I can make one for you too …for $25!”

    …and that’s not even addressing issues like …oh, I don’t know …composition, subject matter…

  8. It’s Redneck art!

  9. Redneck Art… lol… or Fauxtaug ART – otherwise known as FART… lol

  10. Now I know why I ALWAYS sell in Matte!! Cause it looks better in a frame!!

  11. Daniel S.

    Have fun getting sued by Coors. That $25 “profit” (who the hell would pay for this photo?) will probably yield a $25,000 fine. Or at least a cease and desist.

    • Daniel –

      Since it is “ART” (cough, cough) and not promotional material – he’s fine. Now if he were trying to use it to sell pine cones – he’d be in trouble.

  12. skynigurl

    Terrible! Wish I was a representative of Coors beer just so I could say to him/her “WTF are you doing?”

  13. She has 32 more for sale. Some are even worse. At least the watermark stops most people from stealing this art.

  14. I just want to know what other formats of photography she/he does, since “almost all of my pictures are digital.” I seriously doubt this person knows anything about film photography… so…?

  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……..If I take photos of beer I make sure they are topless….

  16. Regardless of whether one “thinks” this is an artistic shot or not… I’m going with not…. Coors is a registered trademark. Thus selling prints “IS” considered copyright infringement, even offering to sell…. not that anyone would ever actually buy one…. You can not “sell” or even offer to sell, a photo of a trademark regardless of whether or not it is considered artistic. Without expressed written permission. The photographer could get into serious trouble for this. Especially since Coors is “not” going to be flattered by this. Coors is a big corporation, and does have the money to pay for lawyers, in order to quell such things.

  17. Anonymous

    This fauxtographer must be sick.

  18. Is it superfluous to mention that the image posted is not an 8×10 proportion? I mean, won’t the integrity of the image be compromised once it is cropped to the stated dimensions? I know I would be SOOOO disappointed if the print I ordered and paid for wasn’t the perfect composition I saw on the site.

  19. If a photo of a can of barely-beer can earn somebody that kind of money, I need to hurry up and put together that photographic chronicle of the interesting places my dog likes to poo. His newest talent is entwining his poos in chain link fences. I would compile it all into a coffeetable book called “A Study In Brown”

  20. Anonymous

    Who the hell would buy that?

  21. Love the watermarked photo of a trademarked product.

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