Super Pink Shirt


Way to crop out what we assume was the baby’s name to focus on the dad…

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  1. I notice that this has been up for a while and still no comments. I know why. It’s because this thing has us all speechless. At least it looks like dad is having fun with it.

  2. Un-attractive subjects, does not necessarily make fauxtography. Imagine a couple of hotties in this photo, and it suddenly becomes less of a bad shot.

    • “Hot” people would not improve this shot. And really, a shot should not be judged on attractiveness or lack thereof of the subject. Sorry but not everyone can be a supermodel. It’s (the photo) so-so at best with mediocre lighting and processing. I even understand the crop which nicked out the (I imagine) baby’s name and it even looks like baby shoes. That’s because this is likely one in a series of shots wherein this one is focusing (no pun intended), on dad. Just a mediocre iphone shot that doesn’t belong on what would appear to be someone who thinks he/she is a pro’s page.

  3. bigmama6

    This would make more sense if he had on a Super Hero shirt, or even one that said DAD! This is just a plain gray t-shirt so the pose doesn’t even make sense. It’s not the worst thing I have seen on here, but definitely not something to post. Just give it to the customer and move on.

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