Super Girl

Super Girl

You don’t have to worry about your Super Hero outfit burning off if it’s painted on!

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  1. Mr Weddings


  2. Plopping some woman in front of a scene of tragedy makes her “hot”? Can’t be sure but it even looks as though some people aren’t faring too well in the inferno. Slick move there faux. You know, something harmless like a cat in a tree or some other cliche would have worked too but hey, you’re the faux so you should know what works best.

  3. As someone who is seriously getting into the cosplay photography genre, this is horrible. I’m continually baffled at the schlock people are putting out there and even more baffled by the viewers who think images like these are great.

  4. How likely do you think it is that the photographer took both of these photos presented here as his or her work? And what is it visually communicating? Based off the look of the model, I can only guess that she started that fire. So strange.

  5. Sometimes less is more. I shall observe that with my comment.
    It’s shit.

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