Stormy Attic

Man, this photo is electric!


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  1. Jessica

    I’m frightened by the lack of talent the photographer has…. Maybe this was an Instagram photo gone awry…

  2. I think we should be saddened by the fact that none of the lightning struck this particular “artist”, thereby depriving us of their work.

  3. Was this taken with a calculator?

  4. I…
    oh my

  5. Shouldnt there be a number at the bottom so we know where to send money to feed that poor starving child?

  6. BurninBiomass

    Lightning inside is bad mmmmkay! Someone needs to check to make sure their wiring is up to code.

  7. If they did a creepy horror amateur captured series, this would be great! 🙂

  8. Headless woman?
    Very very strange. What is the photgrapher trying to say?

  9. you all complain about the lightning inside but did anyone notice that the photographer took a shot of the backside of that woman? usually photographers try to take a picture of the front.

  10. Why do they insist on putting the word photography in every profile? Do they believe this will turn them instantly into a photographer?

  11. Why does that lightning bolt look like a major artery?

  12. My word, that’s horrid

  13. robert

    And another amateur who thinks it’s cool to put up a “Photography” account.
    I really can’t see anyone that talentless earning any significant amount of money to (partially) support himself or his family.

  14. Okay, my bad. Only one typo and one really awkward name for a photographer. The dude’s name is Camara.

  15. samantha

    this photograph makes me think she was raped…like its sexual abuse ad gone bad

  16. Actually I think Samantha might be on to something. Yes it’s a pretty bad photo for the purpose of promoting a photography business, but it does seem to be trying to tell a story or conjure an emotion. The girl facing away might be meant to represent shame. The dark attic might be meant to represent secrecy, and the lightning overlay might be meant to represent a nightmare or bad memory. Perhaps even the pixelation and dutch angle are to give the whole thing a cellphone snapshot feel to lend “authenticity” to the girl’s part as the victim of whatever scenario the viewer associates with the image as a whole.

    So maybe it’s an art piece..but could have been executed much better.

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