Spot Color, Baby

I know, I know enough with the weird ultrasound pictures, right? It’s like a train wreck, we just can’t stop posting them and look away. Yucky spot color and inability to tell baby is a baby and not her intestines make this one worthy of this site,¬†among¬†other things.

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  1. Nice – shot by someone who has no creativity and even less knowledge of framing and editing… NEXT…

  2. Not sure if pregnant or just had a big lunch.

  3. Elizabeth

    Ehhh…I can tell that it is a baby. Still doesn’t make it a good photo though. Terrible shadows…mom should have been looking at the camera..not the photo.

  4. I feel sea sick.. everything is listing to the port side… hang on!!!

  5. My eyes are bleeding!

  6. pixeldawg

    And on top of everything else, it’s badly back-lit and no fill-flash or reflector! It constantly amazes me just how bad some of these images are. Staggers the imagination!

  7. After I saw the first two on here, I remembered I had a friend ask me to do this so i wanted to submit it to the site. This was taken a long time ago and i was, sadly, a picasa user. x.x;
    total fauxtog stage. didn’t charge for this set though.
    buuut, glad it got on this site,baha

    • It was great

      • It’s actually really bad..I shot it with a point and shoot and have no idea on lighting and the color spot and editing o.o;

      • well i really like it

    • Looking at your “cosplay” stuff, no, you really haven’t improved all that much. MM “very experienced”? Not so much.

  8. Shut the fuck up! This is more creative than any of you could think of! I personally love this photo. It makes you think.

    • You don’t know any of us, so you really have no idea what we come up with. However I can say in my case, it definitely wasn’t anything like this. I can see you’re a friend of the girl who submitted this (maybe even the model?) and it’s great she has realised the errors here and that she has obviously learnt a lot since then.

    • Canaduck

      What the hell does it make you think, that there’s an ultrasound on a pregnant stomach? Wow, that’s DEEP.

  9. I am looking forward to when the “ultrasound photo near baby bump” fad disappears.

  10. Look at it from this point of view, they probably got knocked up at their High School Prom, their life is well and truly fucked and the only photography they have seen up until this point is the scan of the bastard brat in their belling that will end up bleeding them and the state benefit system dry…. of course, a ‘friend’ has just acquired a nice 2nd Digital SLR and a laptop with some cool software on it from the back seat of the car in WalMarts Car Part and has set himself up as a photographer… rinky dinky!!!!

  11. grateful mom

    So what I’m thinking is, if no one likes these sort of pictures, the baby bumps with the picture of something in front of the lump, then stop posting them for a while. Or follow the example of Retain Hell Underground and make up a separate subsection of your site and segregate then all there. Then people who like to critique bump shots can do so, and those who don’t can choose to look or not.

  12. yea, among other things, it looking like a snap shot a not a composed portrait…at all….whatsoever….

  13. david santos

    Very nice!

  14. OK, so…have these things jumped the shark now? I don’t even like…get the point anymore. Even less so without heart hands.

  15. what I hate about this website is the fact that everyone gets so mean and don’t really provide any constructive feedback!!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but for one, think that shitty photography only makes my photos look better and second, I really don’t like being so mean to people I don’t even doesn’t help them and it doesn’t make me any better. (as a person or as a photographer).

  16. Anonymous

    This is really awful. My eyes are drawn to the clouds and water in the background because I can actually SEE them. The mother’s face is dark, her outfit looks like pajamas, and I’m sorry, I’m an expectant mother, and even I know that no one else thinks my baby’s ultrasound pictures are cute besides immediate family. They are creepy–especially the 4D ones like this one. Seeing them in all these maternity photos is getting SO old and the spot color is just…well, I hate spot color of any kind. The black and white is too gray–no true black or white anywhere to be found in the photo to give it a nice contrast. Lastly, can we stop with the bare-bellied maternity shots? Clothed, the bump can be cute, but I don’t get why so many people are into showing off the actual bare belly, when they normally wouldn’t just lift up their shirt for a photo (or, maybe they would, I guess don’t know them…). If you want those bare belly shots, great, keep them for your personal album, don’t post them everywhere–I really don’t want to see them and the stretch marks/ hair that accompany them.

    • Finally, someone who thinks like I do. Not all maternity shots have to show the belly. I’m sorry, but when I’m pregnant, I don’t want anyone seeing my stretch marks or any of the other embarrassing things that happen to my stomach. You can do incredibly cute maternity shots without showing the bare stomach (and usually then, the maternity pants).

  17. pick something out. Every single thing about this photo is terrible. Lighting, posing, editing, composition, everything

  18. photolover

    im not a fan of these kind of pictures in the first place…… but to not even horribly edit it, or even try ? geezeeeeee this fautog is slacking on being bad…….
    “hey lets go take some pregnancy pictures……. no need to change out of your PJ’S”

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