Someone Made A Mess

crappy shot

Ew, she sure made a mess of this photo. Someone get her some toilet paper or maybe some baby wipes!

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  1. Hard to believe that a photographer who’s watermark includes “” could make such a piss-poor photo.

  2. Oh. My. God.

  3. That is just NASTY! Yuck!

  4. The worst I’ve seen on this site in a long time.

  5. Oh, man. This tog needs to remove this photo from the Internet, pronto. No, no, no.

  6. Was the model called Sandie?

  7. SteveOlive

    I agree with Chris, this the worst photo I’ve seen on this site in a long time.

  8. Jesusfuck, how do people not even see how crap this looks. I cannot fathom…

  9. Oh you dirty, dirty girl.

  10. Her name is Sandy B. Hind?

    She was from that (not so) famous way-the-hell-off-Broadway show, Cheeeeese.

    Look at me–I’m Sandy B.
    Modelling for Fauxtography
    My bum-hole is chapped–but I they pay for this crap
    So “Cheeeeese”– *snap*– I’m Sandy B.

  11. I just can’t get past the shocking lighting.
    Seriously??? If someone thought this was a good photo, God help the photography industry!

    • No, the lighting is nowhere near as bad as… *that*. I started looking at this from the top down as my page scrolled up-and was thinking “hmm the lighting looks sort of funky”… and then my eyes travelled further down the image… and “EWWWWWW! That’s nasty!!” If it was only the lighting, then you could just say well, a poor technique perhaps, but not really a horror story, not really a blooper worth national attention. But this- this is an abomination.
      First time I seriously thought that YANAP needs to obscure the face of the model!
      Its just humiliating for the poor girl.

  12. This is just SOO wrong! 🙂

  13. Before we jump to conclusions…are we sure this isn’t some kind of German scat photoshoot???? Geesh. You’re all so judgmental.

  14. I hate Fauxtography

    This… This… It wins the prize for making me feel the most uncomfortable. For the first time ever, I’m thinking “please YANAP! Take it down for them.”

    Why would a photographer ever do this to someone? Ugh! I can’t help it, I just feel for her

  15. Haha. Love the comments. I think I broke a rib.

  16. god even her shirt is awful — it’s at least 2 sizes too big and makes her look like she has 3 or 4 boobs. the awkward pose makes it seems like they thought the sandy butt looked awesome…

  17. shatted all over this photo.

  18. does the lady or the photographer know that this picture appears here? because if they don’t then that’s criminal.

  19. Obv. it’s her hair – total mess.

  20. shorebreeze

    I saw the horrible facial expression and the lighting . . . . . and rolled my eyeballs . . . . . . and then saw THAT. And I’ve been laughing like Beavis and Butthead for the last five minutes.

  21. That’s what it reminds me off!!! One for the guys this one…you know when you were about 11 or 12, you’d be out and about with your mates and you’d come across some discarded “jazz-mags” under a hedge? Paper faded, pages stuck together ( I like to think is was the damp weather but…) , all the photos always had this sort of hideous lighting or if they were studio shots glaring bright like 17 full power flashes had been set off on every shot!

    Once again, barely family snapshot quality photography with serious problems so glaringly obvious to all but the most dimwitted person. I’m surprised an adult human being even managed to operate a camera, software and get this shot uploaded.

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