So So So Bad

so so so bad

If you take a photo that is just horrible in every way, you can trick people into thinking it’s awesome if you put at least 6 watermarks on it! Oh wait, no that just makes it worse…

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  1. Ah, corpse coloured skin. My favourite! And I’ll have to differ on the caption. I believe the 6 watermarks actually improved the pic. Then again, a can of gasoline and a match would improve it even more.

  2. Is she trying to choke him? Is that why they are corpse coloured? I’m confused.

  3. FroggieG

    I think she’s choking him because she’s about to devour him. Nice shot of the bottom of her shoe too.

  4. You should see some of the others by this person…They’re all this bad, and some have way more than six watermarks.

  5. The guy is not choking, I think he’s been long dead !

  6. Long ago, when someone died families (those that could afford it) often had photos staged with the deceased person. It was rare for anyone to have family photos and that was a way of memorialising the deceased and having a photographic record of them and family members. Often it was children posed with favourite toys or siblings. They went to a lot of trouble to dress and pose the deceased so that they looked their best and most natural and, well, still alive. Taken into account the pale visages that were common at the time and the use of heavy makeup, looking back on them now and can be very hard to tell which of family members is the dead one. It took me quite a while to even work out what was going on in this photo, but it appears to be a – very poorly executed – attempt at a modern recreation of one of those death photos.

    • I find that completely disturbing to think that in a modern society with no shortage of good quality cameras in phones, DSLRs, point and shoots, even tablets, that someone would not have live photos. Imagine resorting to using a potato to take a posed death shot.

    • I agree, it does look like a recreation of a death photo, but he’s very much alive. This was part of a session for a whole family. They all have the ultra fake backgrounds, too.

    • Christ Almighty. This is in no way a re-creation of a death photo. A quick internet search will tell you that. This is just crap, plain and simple. Period.

  7. You should really consider not covering the watermarks. These people need to be publicly shamed.

  8. Good gods at first glance I thought she was nursing the…er…corpse.

    This might hold a new record for worst posing ever. Also, really odd cropping.

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