So Neat…

No fauxtog it’s not neat, it’s spooky!

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  1. A photographer

    Audrey Hepburn?


    • People just amaze me. Does the person who made that statement even know what Audrey Hepburn looks like…or maybe they meant Katherine Hepburn. LMAO

  2. I’ve never been able to photograph ghosts! How did this photographer do it?

  3. please, stop with the spot color, you have no clue what you’re doing!!!

    • Annoyed

      Ugh…it’s terrible even if they DO know what they’re doing. Enough already!

    • It’s not JUST spot color. They have either desaturated or changed the opacity of everything BUT the eye and lips… WTF is that?

  4. My little sister is actually going to a community college right now for photography and the “Photographer” teaching the course encourages this kind of “Surreal” Photography and editing…I think it is BS!

  5. NicCole

    What is up with this creepy new fad? Please stop it. It’s not good.

  6. Very Audrey Hepburn??? Wtf – what on earth about this could possibly relate to Audrey Hepburn at all?

  7. Really? She has marks around the lips, making it look like she kinda has a milk mustache! lol

  8. It looks like a painting with holes for the eyes and mouth cut out, a blend of bad horror movies and a glory hole.

  9. What the frack happened to her face? I wanna know how to make the rest of my faces all blurry like that!

  10. It looks like she ate Audrey Hepburn.

  11. Don you stole my joke.

  12. Stephanie

    OMG! Thats hot! rawr *winkie face

  13. Foil Gamma

    This is how to turn classic into classhit.

  14. looks to me like it would be an okay shot without editing!

  15. Lizzard

    She also has a “Marilyn Monroe” with the same horrible affliction on her page.

  16. Rufus T. Firefly

    The eyes follow me around the room.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    What…. the…..****??????

  18. Did the model do her own makeup or did the fauxtographer paint it on?? The edit only enhances how poorly the eyeliner was done! Scary scary photo

  19. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Oh my God.

  20. Comments on his own photo: “Isn’t this one neat?” No, in fact, it’s a hot mess.

  21. For the love of god!

  22. Siobhan

    It’s absolute shite, still laughing at the ‘milk mustache’ . And no Jenno, it wouldn’t be an okay shot without the editing. The lighting is horrendous, look at all the horrid shadows.

  23. BurninBiomass

    Audrey Hepburn? The way her eyes and mouth jumps out at you its more like Al Jolson.

  24. I like it. I would kiss her and see what she turned into.

  25. I saw this and immediately thought it looked like a pic of one of those paintings that the eyes had been cut out so someone could spy thru it…This is just…sad… 🙁

  26. Wow, this shot could have been kind of interesting. Instead, it’s…what is this? Eyes and lips with some blur behind it? Who is this flattering to? And the mouth was poorly done to boot. Burn it now and move on. Yikes.

  27. Audrey Hepburn?! Seriously?! Audrey was a stunning, waiflike brunette who trained as a ballerina in her youth and suffered from malnutrition during WWII, hence her tiny body. But she stayed classy, elegant and above all, rail-thin til the day she died. Now Katharine Hepburn, who was a little bit bigger and thus closer to this girl in appearance, maybe….but Audrey…NFW…

  28. Kimmy B.

    You know, I hate this site. Sometimes these photos make me audibly gasp or yell WTF out loud.

  29. Miss Obnoxious

    Is it weird that, the thing that bugs me most about this picture is her bad eyrliner job? XD

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