Sky Photo Lake


… Seriously?

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  1. 0_o ?!

  2. Is this the same Photographer that did the face in the lake picture!?

  3. Wow.. that is some awesome piece of work!

    Something for a wedding perhaps? I’d hire them!! 😉

  4. Salticus

    Why? Why have that in a portfolio? Why waste the time on watermarking that? You layered see through photos on a background. My 3 year old nephew could do that.

  5. Did they misspell photography? Can’t tell from the hieroglyphics they used as a logo. Also, this is a fail; that is all.

  6. The pic of the lake isn’t even clear! They took a crappy photo and stuck 3 crappier photos on it!

  7. Christy

    ???? Even an amateur can do better with free software!

  8. Love the noise. That’s art.

  9. The once forgotten swamp family was finally able to rise above their mossy constraints to view life as we, mere mortals, know it.

  10. speechless

  11. I just wonder how many of these photos fauxtographers actually made money on, or if they just stuck them in their portfolio hoping to get work? Too bad the submitters don’t come on here and give us the back-story, if they know it. Been waiting for one of the ones I submitted to come up 🙂

  12. I don’t even know what to say about this……it’s just so funny! I don’t get how anyone could think this looks good…….it’s good for a laugh though!!

  13. It is NOT funny. It is F’ing PATHETIC.

    “Ooooh, I just bought a Stradavarius. I’m now a violinist in the Philharmonic. Music lesson? No, never had one. Don’t need to know anything about music – my Strad can do anything!”

    “Ooooh, I just bought a Canon 600D. I’m now a professional Photographer. Photography lesson? No, never had one. Don’t need to know anything about photography – my 600D can do anything!”

    Shit like this wants to make me strangle someone . . . . .

  14. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    It’s terrifying what people think is “good.”

  15. Anyone else notice the copyright infringement in this picture? The middle picture has another photographers watermark on it! LOL!

    • Not necessarily a different fauxtog. The “2010” leads me to believe it could be the same, pathetic wannabe – just can’t be consistent with the watermarking . . . . . .

  16. If you must do this kind of work, at least have the portrait of the little boy on the right so he’s looking at the lady in the sailboat. As for the couple in the snapshot (I’m guessing they’re the couple as youngsters) – there is no way that that is a pro’s photo, watermarked or not…hmmm…*scratching head*…apart from not even including it…I honestly see no way to improve upon this disastrous collage. Time to hit Delete.

  17. This just doesn’t even make sense…

  18. Faith Simbeck

    A 4 year old could do the same thing! Maybe even better! SMDH!

  19. robbifelldown

    Kind of a twisted thought. Perhaps this family perished on this lake. Mind you, that doesn’t make the photo any better.

    • robbifelldown

      Makes for a good story though doesn’t it?

    • dana_wana

      When I first saw it, I thought, “These people must have died on that water”.

      Then my mind went through the multitude of things wrong with it.

      I don’t know how photographers that are this bad, ever get the point that they create a watermark. Do they realize the point of a watermark? It’s so people know it’s your work, and don’t steal it. NO ONE IS GOING TO STEAL THIS.

  20. i just want to know how some people are able to find out the FB pages that these photos belong to…because i really need to see the rest of their awful pictures. i’m having a low self-esteem day and could use an even bigger laugh 😀

    • Eric Lefebvre

      Couple of things, reverse image searches (TinyPic, Google Images), googling the comments … things like that. doesn’t always work but sometimes you get lucky.

  21. How do you get that much noise in an image? ISO two-anna-half-bazillion?

    Furthermore, how much faster does your sensor need to be to eradicate that blur….assuming there was ever an earnest attempt made to focus in the first place?

  22. Are they like… death?

  23. Why would anyone want to show how poorly they handle a camera. And then to make matters worse they show how little they know about the software. Software is the digital equivalent to the darkroom. It takes time to learn how to set up the camera. The camera in a phone is not a camera.

    • actually iPhones can take amazing pics if you’ve got the right person behind it…but again a bad photographer is a bad photographer lol.

  24. It looks like they could be victims of the Hunger Games…. only the reality is much worse…

  25. Some Guy

    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  26. Canaduck

    I’m on a boat. In the sky.

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