Sideways Boudoir

sideways boudoir

If you’re not going to clean the lint off the sheets, you’re obviously not going to bother rotating your photo for your portfolio…

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  1. I think the photo is already right side up. She is obviously wearing velcro undergarments and is stuck to the side of a wall. The wall is padded because of last weeks midget tossing contest.
    I can’t believe you missed it!

  2. The worst part for me isn’t the rotation, or the focus being off the eyes, it’s that visible picture-frame in the “top”.

    • That and I keep picking at the screen to get that white fluff off the black sheet.

  3. Nickers

    That face isn’t inviting, it looks like she’s backing something unsavoury onto the sheets 😮

  4. The on-camera flash reflection adds a nice touch as well.

  5. Photo Savvy

    That is quite the unflattering photo.

  6. Is that her significant other’s favorite button-down shirt she’s wearing?

  7. GeekAndProud

    Ewww really inconsistent light in this one

  8. She’s giving the Klingon death stare.

  9. Sure, it’s been said before. But the ones in this photo truly, truly defy gravity.

  10. John Doodly Whopper

    At least he had the focus right on target.

  11. Shelley

    I like the font

  12. Let those tittays do the talkin’

  13. Jamoche

    So I was going to post something along the lines of “they should qualify boxers with ‘sexy’ too, because a guy’s ‘favorite’ boxers are likely to be the old ratty comfy ones”. And even though it’s equally true that my favorite non-sexy “nighty” is an old ratty comfy one, that’s kind of sexist. Anyway, despite the bad phrasing overall (sure, women wearing their boyfriends’ shirts is a boudoir-shot cliché, but has anyone ever done the reverse?) surely guys will show up with something presentable.

    And then I found the website. Yeah, headless dude, you’re really rocking those Hanes.

    • Considering that the ‘tog hasn’t stepped up to studio lighting nor even a better flash unit, I suspect his/her idea of costumes to keep on hand would be equally…cheesy. 😛

  14. I’d caption this with “beware of the doggy”.

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