Shtuff People Say to Photographers

Love it.

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    I think I’ve met these clowns. LOL

  2. ‘Oh don’t worry, I’m a photographer too! Here’s a picture of my lizzard.’ :] Best one.

  3. That is too funny!!!!

  4. I love…wait for it…”M?”

  5. that was amazing!

  6. Hey! Take my peechur! Who are you taking peechurs for?

  7. These people are not your clients , they have no respect for what we do,

  8. Burninbiomass

    “This is such a good image… man you have a good camera”

    LOL… that one always gets me.

  9. They left off “Your pictures are great! What kind of camera do you use?”

    I’m not even pro and I get that all the time.

  10. OH MY WORD! I laughed SO hard!!!! Thanks for this! I loved it!!!!

    I especially love all the spot color questions… I get that ALL THE TIME!! People LOVE IT!!! I HATE HATE HATE IT!!!

    aaaahhhhhhhh… don’t mind me, I’m still giggling….

    Picasa…. gets me every time…

  11. JoeBobMcGee

    I love all of you….. I feel all of the love, don’t you? It’s palpable.

  12. I’m not a photographer, but I do the production work for one (upload, convert, retouch, etc.) I was just talking about how there is a group of people who think Photoshop is magic and have no respect for the work that actually goes into each image. This video is all so true that at one point I stopped laughing and almost cried. It probably doesn’t help that I’m in the middle of finishing up one of those “You can just photoshop this, right?” orders… from a bride… on an album…with a lot of pages.

  13. “My daughter can mow your lawn… next Summer” Haha this is hilarious!

  14. I’m laughing so that I don’t cry.

  15. Best comments I’ve ever gotten: ‘I’ll give you a photo credit’, or ‘ it doesn’t cost you anything to take photographs’

  16. Wow! You photographers have it even worse than graphic/web designers! I feel your pain…

  17. That was priceless!

  18. Oh so sadly true.

  19. Thank you!

  20. This is perfect- my whole life flashed before my freaking eyes.

  21. A pro photographer was invited to a fancy dinner party. When he arrived the hostess said to him, “I love your photos … you must have a very expensive camera.” When dinner was over the photographer approached the party’s hostess and said, “That was a wonderful meal … you must have a very expensive oven.”

  22. I’m a lousy photographer-it’s a very, very small hobby-and even I feel the pain from this! Man.

  23. I always love the “M” question and the “How many MP” question.” Oh, and the one they missed: “How many “X” is your camera’s zoom” to which I like to answer “Cameras don’t have an “X”, it’s a measurement of a lens. And, the more “X” a lens has, usually it’s a lower quality the lens is”

    • Wait, what? Someone said that to you? “the more X a lens has, usually it’s a lower quality lens?”… wow.

  24. This was hilarious.

  25. OH MY! I have had just about everything in this video happen to me! Makes you want to slap em!

  26. Judy Blue Eyes

    hehehe – boka-eee????? hehehehe

  27. Oh god, I’ve heard all of these. It’s the “Wow! Great camera – no wonder your photos are so good!” line that most makes want to unleash my Fist Of Doom.

  28. haha, true and funny stuff

  29. I’m not a photographer, but I can feel the pain… It’s like this for every job that includes a digital part!

  30. I am in no means a professional, yet, we’ll see, one day but this was crazy hilarious!!! Very well done!!!!

  31. This is so true, so many of these comments. Great video!

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