Shotgun Wedding


Shotgun wedding? You’re doing it wrong…

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  1. Maybe because I’m not American and was in the military for several years, but I’m always completely astounded that people are not taught that:

    1) you never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot
    2) no gun is ever considered to be unloaded (i.e. should not be treated as such)

    However, either one of them shooting each other accidentally seems like it’d just be a good thing for the human race in general.

    • I have to agree with both points. Never point and assume it’s loaded. Just another example of the need for some more chlorine in the gene pool.

      • No, I think the people in this photo are adding enough lead to the pool.

    • It’s not just you…those are the first two rules of guns in the U.S. too. Behavior like this is just idiotic.

    • Meh, just remove the firing pin for prop guns.

  2. I don’t know about “shotgun wedding” because this looks more like a threatened castration from the angle of her rifle. I guess a bullet is cheaper than the doc with his scalpel. In any case, as usual, I’m sitting here scratching my head.

  3. Well if either of those people shoot as accurately as the photographer, then there’s nothing to worry about. How in heck can anyone, pro or otherwise, miss a horizon by that much?

  4. jermyster

    dude it looks like she’s going to shoot him in the nuts and he’s happy about it.

  5. It’s possible that the guns could be fake….

  6. Not that I’m defending the bad photography. But it’s not quite fair to automatically assume that the two subjects are actually stupid enough to point real guns at each other.

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