This poor girl looks like she’s the sole survivor of a boating disaster and just washed up on shore miserable and alone! And what’s with the random light orb?

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  1. Even as a holiday photograph, this one belongs in the trash bin.
    I’ve looked at the image quite a long time, and I cannot find *any* photographic quality in it. None whatsoever

    • On my screen the white balance looks pretty good….

      • TollTollPhotography

        Then you need to get your monitor calibrated, this little girl looks like she’s dead, her skin is grey!

  2. Is she dead? Her eyes look dead!

    • TollTollPhotography

      She looks like she didn’t want pictures taken and wanted to leave, photographers need to schedule around the kids, not expect them to be chipper at any moment. Reschedule if the kid is too much for you to handle, and reschedule for THEIR best time, not yours. I hate when fauxtographers schedule sessions and complain that the kid was bad and they couldn’t get enough shots so they just “get what they can.” They are PAYING you to get GREAT shots, not “EH”

  3. Bernard Rentajag

    That “orb” is the girls soul leaving her physical body.

  4. It’s too bad too, this ‘pose’ and I suspect the landscape behind the little girl, would have a ton of potential.

    • TollTollPhotography

      I could see her laying her head down and smiling on the rock, or just gazing into the camera (with the portrait in focus and correct white balance)

  5. It is an alien abduction!

  6. +1 for no selective colouring

  7. Cute kid. Could have made a good snap. But didn’t.
    I’d have binned it, and I keep a lot of technically awful pics of my kids

  8. That rock sure is giving off some awful glare.

  9. Gray skin tone, vacant stare in the eyes, and lack of sharp focus. But, as moi says, no selective coloration so it could have been worse. Really.

    • TollTollPhotography

      OR! The “glare” is the selective coloring? Since it’s the ONLY thing besides her eyes with bright color

  10. BurninBiomass

    The orb is Glinda the Good witch, coming to take her away from this bad photographer.

  11. is she a zombie leftover or something ?

  12. At least the font has style. You see the word photography in such a cool font and think: must be a terrific photographer.

    • TollTollPhotography

      They have the last name “Photography” HELL YES. THEY MUST KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!

  13. I think the poor lil girl looks tired 🙁 too bad, because she is adorable and it could of been a cute pic.

  14. just woke up from a Freddy Krueger nightmare?

  15. Wsroadrunner

    That’s disturbing….. poor kid is terrified of the fauxtog

  16. Poor thing, her skin is all blotchy, she looks like she’s freezing!

  17. y0y0master

    that extra flare just kicked it up another notch for me…..all that is missing now is the white vignetting

  18. wow, it’s Gollum’s sister.

    • I swear the only reason I even clicked comments was to see if someone else thought it was Gollum rofl.

  19. ‘F’ to Rescue, ‘B’ to Harvest

  20. Poor kid looks tired, bored, and like she very much wants to go to her happy place, but is afraid the fauxtog will follow her.

  21. I am laughing so loud at this caption let alone the photo. That is classic! Fauxtogs who photoshop in fake sun and fake flare are just awful. Real talent gets it right in camera. Still dying at caption!

  22. oh god lens flare…

  23. browneyedgirl89

    The only thing in focus in this photo is the fake sunflare… oh so tactfully placed, might I add… I like sunflare WHEN IT’S CAPTURED IN REAL LIFE. Very rarely can you get away with any sort of fake sunflare.

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