Shiny Feet

Why is that kids seem to be the fauxtogs favorite victims? Five minutes later, and I have floaters in my eyes from those rings. By the time we end this site, I’m going to have to have an eye doctor on speed dial.

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  1. skynigurl

    Caption: You’re the Gorilla my dreams <3 !

  2. You don’t have a kid do you? That’s how their feet look. Or you like airbrushing everything until it looks like something out of toddlers and tiaras?

    • i have never seen a child with feet like that. it looks like its been roasted!

      • I agree Dani, I have never seen a baby foot that looks like that. HDR should not be used on a baby or at a wedding, I am not even a fan of it really. Also the black and white is off and takes the life out of the baby. I won’t go into the spot color. This is a case where they should have used a larger apreture (lower F number)to get the rings in focus and keep the background soft.

      • *aperture* lol

      • I am sorry, but I thought this was the foot of a fetal demise… and even then it would be an awful picture.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      I’m not talking about the wrinkles. That is not how a child’s foot looks.

      • Koba Chan


      • Do you see GOOD photographers posting photos like this? I didn’t think so. With proper lighting, it could look MUCH better.

        Besides, who wants a photo of the bottom of someone’s foot??? Would you want photos of your armpit? Back of your knee? Or other nether regions??? Lol.

      • Ok, I have to speak up as a professional newborn photographer. The foot as a focal point is perfectly legitimate if you have the rings on the toes. The rings on the toes are to show how tiny the foot is in comparison to the rings so that you can see scale later and compare as your baby grows. Clients really want to capture this aspect. What I do to further facilitate this is to have the parents hands be in the photo holding the feet in their palms to really get a cool size perspective. I think mainly, the execution and post processing are the FAIL here.

    • Koba Chan

      I think the “shiny” was in reference to the satin, not the feet. Otherwise she is just complaining about the rings. Not sure how you thought she was complaining about the feet, there is no reference to it whatsoever.

    • ROFL…nice try…my kids photographed feet do NOT look like this,…this is just….VOMIT…..

    • No Baby’s foot looks like it just came out of a BBQ! Do you need glasses?

    • BTW, your son has an iPAD? Rich mommy are we?

      • That’s quite uncalled for. Firstly, why would you even bring that up? Her son having an iPad has nothing to do with photography, this photo or even her comment. It’s just an attack on her, and that’s low.

        Secondly, if you actually read through the first couple of posts, she’s not just indulging her son. It’s used as a CHEAPER alternative to an ACC device, to HELP a child with a DISABILITY. ACC devices are, as she said, expensive, costing around $3K. This is a genuine issue, and there has been research into developing suitable apps for the iPad to make it a cheaper alternative.

    • Seriously? This is NOT what a baby’s foot looks like. I have had 3, and none ever looked like this, even a little bit. And they all had a leg attached TO the foot. And I realize they do make Canary diamonds, but the color of the diamond is probably a good inclination of how much altering the feauxtographer did to the color.

    • Maybe the baby…..isn’t white! gasp ; )

  3. snapJim

    Awww how cute. A severed foot.

    • Andreas Steen


      Also I love the subtle use of the clarity slider in this one.

      • yea really, the severed foot is exactly what I see here.. among a million other things

    • Wsroadrunner

      I also first thought of a severed foot… kinda like a mob message with a finger or ear in a little gift box.

    • A photographer

      It looks like something someone would carry on their keychain for good luck.

  4. Wth?! Why do people pay for this shit?! It looks so ugly

  5. Poor lighting and spot coloring.

    Yes – premature baby’s feet and sometime full term ones look like that – the wrinkles that is. But to give the client a photo that has NO CONTRAST and looks like it was shot in the dark is inexcusable.

    And then you throw spot color in on their wedding bands? And the wedding bands on the kid’s foot? Here Junior – Proof that we where married when you were born.

  6. wait, wut

    not everything should be HDR’d ya know.

  7. Now now, just because the child has the misfortune to be born an orc or ogre or dark goblin of some kind, is no reason to abuse this photo 😛 (can’t be a gorilla, got no hair).

  8. wrong, just wrong. first of all – the skin tone is horrific! it is the same tone as the very shiny satin…B&W conversion poorly done. The floating foot – no context here…where is the baby? specular highlights everywhere – use a softbox or ease up on the flash. The rings are just cheaply done…and spot color on the ring? why not do spot color on the baby’s foot as that is the more important thing in the photo (ok, no one should do spot color. ever. but if you must…) oddly the satin texture and shadows are more interesting (in a bad lighting kind of way) than the baby’s severed foot. It’s like one of those mafia things – instead of getting a box of severed ears, you get a baby’s foot and wedding rings. just wrong.

    Sidenote: yes, baby feet do look this wrinkled but the image suffers from poor lighting, composition, bad ideas, etc

  9. Hate to say this, but this looks like stillborn photography. I’ve seen this exact shot (minus the poor quality) on a baby who didn’t make it. 🙁

  10. Brittany Kordie

    With the seam in the top left the satin looks like a scrunchy that you would put in your hair…

  11. I have seen baby feet with wrinkles, I don’t think that is what everyone is talking about (I may be wrong). I have just never seen a baby with shiny toes? It almost looks like the feet are wet? And I think this is a very new baby, because you can still see the bandaid where the blood was drawn after it was born.

  12. Sad thing, I know people who would look at this and say, “What’s wrong with it? It’s supercute!” And I bite my tongue and walk away. Same people think Thomas Kinkade is high art, and can’t see the appeal of Picasso or Rothko (for instance.)

  13. It’s a dead baby. You know how they put tags around the toes of dead bodies? Same thing except they wanted to honor the baby with their wedding rings.

    • well, if it is REALLY a fetal demise, (because I am sorry, the phrase “dead baby” is just rude sounding to me) a professional photographer should have the decency to keep it private, between him/her and the family. I know I have NEVER shared fetal demise photos I have taken with anyone besides their family. Not only that, but I do not charge anyone for them (nor would I expect someone to ever pay me for something like that) so a picture such as that would never end up on my website, or with my logo on it. That is just me though.

  14. I disagree. That’s not a preemie. I had the preemiest of all preemies {27 weeks!} and the feet didn’t look like that.

  15. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    This picture actually makes me ill. Nausea inducing photography, it’s the new picnic specialty!

  16. When I first saw it I thought it was a mummified foot found in Egypt or Peru.

  17. Janet H.

    Perhaps without the wedding rings, it could be used to illustrate the dangers of leaving your infant in the tanning bed too long …..

  18. If this is an image from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep – then my heart goes out to the parents of the deceased child. There is an image on their NILMDTS’s home page that has the wedding rings on the child’s feet – one on each big toe.

    However that image is properly lit, composed and balanced. Also – there is no spot coloring involved.

    If you have a desire to volunteer and can handle it – I strongly suggest checking out NIMDTS.

    • It is not NILMDTS because they are very picky about their photographers and would never allow a photographer with this lack of ability to represent what could be the only moment a mother has of her child

  19. First thought: “Kill it! Kill it with fire!” What a charming sentiment to evoke in people with your baby (?) photo.

  20. Re this possibly being a dead baby… In a way, that just makes it worse, to have a picture this bad. At least if the baby were alive, you could go back and take many more. This seems like something that would be really important *not* to screw up. (And of course, my sympathy to the parents if this baby is dead. But my ire to the fauxtographer, even more so!)

    • I Agree 1000%

      • i just realized though, its not. because the baby has a band aid on his/her foot. The nurse would have removed a band aid for those sort of pictures if that was the case. This is a newborn baby whose pictures were just butchered. I wonder how the rest of the pictures came out. I look at this and think, crap.. if this is what the b&w looks like… I am even more scared to see what the other pictures look like in color! I hope the parents did not pay for this… though they probably did

  21. elweevah

    This….this makes me honestly want to throw up.

  22. Holy Mother of God…please….make it stop!!!

  23. It looks like something out of the killing fields. Or that’s all they could find of a person afer a terrible accident, so they put just the foot in a satin-lined coffin. So disturbing.

  24. Could’ve been okay at ~F3.2 & with a sane tone curve. I’m guessing the spot colour is to emphasise the wedding rings, which to my mind is bad idea, given that the baby should surely be the primary subject. And maybe this is just me, but while I can see monochrome working for a baby’s face, for an isolated foot, it looks too much like a creepy forensics shot – especially with the uber-harsh tone-curve.

  25. looks like a shrunken foot! probably made in the same manner as shrunken heads.

    notice the large scar at the bottom of the heel? thats where they took some of the bones out from.

  26. You all are harsh. I am a nursery nurse and can say since the baby has a band aid it is probably not dead. If it is…it probably died after birth. I also want to add…you all can stop being critical because usually the photographer is the nurse using a cheap camera the hospital provided. My hospital is required to take pictures regardless of the parents’ wanting them. This is because the parents have many years to change their minds to pick up the pictures of their deceased baby. And the foot is a normal newborn foot. I have seen worse, most are actually dry and cracking;-)

  27. Judy Blue Eyes

    oh gawd – i just spit coffee all over my keyboard!!!

  28. Derek Denney

    Does anything scream shotgun bastard child wedding like putting the rings on an infant’s foot? Maybe I’m wrong. No, I’m not.

  29. Miss Obnoxious

    There IS such a thing as over-sharpening something… XD

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