Shh, Don’t Smell Me

It’s like he’s hushing her nose… Or she’s smelling his hand? Either way, it’s kinda creepy!

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  1. Him: Smell my finger
    Her: Pull my finger

  2. BurninBiomass

    I think I had a break up scene that looked like this… only I had better hair.

  3. Why didn’t he dye his brown parenthesis black to match his hair???

  4. fingers smelled so bad, that her boobs fell down

  5. What is she pointing at? That’s what I want to know!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a picture you’ve posted… Until today.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a picture you’ve posted… Until today.

  8. Is he trying to push her back into her dress?

  9. this one is good for why would someone make something like this public?

  10. Biff Sweldon

    Are they playing Guess Where My Finger Has Been?

  11. he’s levitating her boobs… lmao

  12. Deputy Doofy: Special Officer Doofy reporting!
    Policeman #1: Hey, Doofy! Smell my fingers!
    Deputy Doofy: What’s that?
    Policeman #1: That’s when you know you’ve become a man, Doofy.
    Deputy Doofy: Hey, Terry! Smell my fingers!
    Policeman #1: What the hell is that?
    Deputy Doofy: My ass!

  13. Maybe they’re practicing for some messed up version of 50 Shades…?

  14. Looks like Frankenstein with a turkey neck problem that the Photog made worse. I wonder how much they got soaked for this garbage.

  15. bet u cant guess where my hand has been!

  16. “No, be strong, i’ll tea bag you later!”

  17. janamidala

    Aside from the obvious weird pose…do these people actually think they look attractive? Self expression is important and all, but come on…have some self respect with it!

    • If you’re going to judge others you have to provide a picture of yourself so you can be publically ridiculed.

  18. I got it.. he’s picking her nose with the finger you can’t see and she’s telling him deeper and pointing with her finger to emphasize up. Hehe. Other than the pose it’s really not a bad picture.. I have seen far far far worse on here.

  19. OMG people, do I have to tell you everything?! Clearly this is a neo-Punk couple locked in the lustful embraces of their dominant/submissive relationship, where the man is asserting his *dominance* by not only forcing her to sniff his hand, but be able to look down her dress at the same time. And she in true submissiveness is yielding to him by sitting down and obeying the handsniffing command from her Master and Commander….and it’s probably their engagement shoot, if not the actual wedding ceremony. Just yer average f**ed-up wannabe punks with really bad hair jobs. Nothing to see here, move along now…

  20. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that his douchebag goatee isn’t connected to anything!!

  21. Honey look over…… Hush hush sweetie, hush hush.

  22. What the heck is Bam Margera doing to that girl?!

  23. I’m sure I know that guy….

  24. AbsyntheGreene

    Sweetie Pie, you need a bra.
    Dude, you need to fire your barber.

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