She’s Got to Be Freezing

Times like this I wish I knew how to yodel. Isn’t she cold?

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  1. pixelmunkie

    This actually made me LOL !

  2. Has this been taken in front of a green screen? I mean, look at the skin tone right next to the background image (left/upper part of her belly, under her arm). The area that’s supposed to look as if she’s sitting on snow is badly done as well.

  3. The black scarf looks as though it was done with a magic marker!!

  4. I, too, suspect this has been done either with chromakey or Photoshop™.

  5. That is a nice mountain scene, ruined by a crappy photoshop placement.

  6. Have to agree, fake snow and some kind of backdrop

  7. no, she’s sitting in a nice warm studio – on fake snow in front of either a green / chromo screen or a mountain backdrop.

    Composition is not the greatest, nor is the selection of backdrops – but hey – maybe that’s what she wanted. Although I would have moved the scarf.

  8. digital background strikes again

  9. Don’t you know all those hormones keep you warm! I wish I could be a fauxtog like this!

  10. Wsroadrunner

    I almost spit coffee on my monitor… damn!

  11. Ok, so if frostbitten fingers and toes get cut off, what happens to a frostbitten baby bump?

  12. What on earth is the…point…of this? Is this the latest trend among hipsters? A bad photo of yourself against a snowy mountain backdrop? Is it…ironic? Or what? I don’t get it.

  13. Is her belly button sticking out because she’s cold!? Bad, bad, bad,…I know. But I had to.

  14. Danielle

    I love this site so so much.

  15. I wonder if the fauxtog bothered to pay for the stock mountain scene.

    Wait, no I don’t wonder. I’m positive he stole it.

  16. She has obviously been placed using Photoshop. I would have to agree that this background image was probably ripped off. At least I can tell they used a path for cutting her out but the blending on the edges is terrible and lighting on her doesn’t even match the scene. Anyways, why try to make this look good? I agree that the setup is just awkward.

    • Yah, it’s obviously faux. However, sometimes you place a subject in a location photo and use soft studio lighting in just this manner, holding the background nback by a stop or so. It’s called “overlighting.” This is just pitiful, but if the fauxtographer and the subject are happy, then I am, too. Plus, my Ultram is starting to kick in, so I’m feeling charitable.

  17. I like the pop-flash shadowing on her right lower arm…nice effect.

  18. Once again, I am speechless….

  19. Anonymous

    Green screen all the way look at shadows on arm… So is she laying in wax paper or Saran wrap? That’s the real question

  20. the white balance on her and the background are different, the photographer used flash, yet much of the background is brighter than the brightest highlights on her, which is illogical and where her ass meets the snow looks like a half assed cutout job. (no pun intended) or perhaps a failed green screen. even that scarf is missing a few bits of fluff right where its all cut off.

  21. That is just horrible.

  22. Not a pregnancy image i would want to keep!!!! Uggghhhh…

  23. Ha, nice greenish tone to her skin. There is almost no situation where superimposing someone into another background works. And I noticed the scarf too… paintbrush tool in Photoshop??

  24. I really do like the painted on scarf, though. What a touch of elegance! Bravo sir!

  25. Once again- There’s Crap, and then there’s Crap!

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