She Says No To This One

Anyone wonder why?

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  1. Nicole

    I would say “No” to that one too…

  2. um…wow.

  3. Is she 10 or 25?

  4. Does this blouse make my eyes look fake?

  5. Oh look, cleavage! Whoops.

  6. Wsroadrunner

    That’s gawdawful…. someone beat that fauxtog with her own camera… it’s horrible.

  7. oh, you people haven’t seen the rest, yet….

    her “portfolio” is a treasure chest of bad photography and editing.

  8. Regardless of content (and yes, I do agree that are some pretty bad photos on here). it’s not surprising to see comments on here from those who are high and mighty and narcissistic about themselves. It’s as if you all feel threatened by everyone who owns a camera! If they charge for their services, let them. It should only be a concern if they cut into the clientele that is attracted to your “quality” work. If that’s the case, then strive to be better, above the crowd and convince your clients that your portfolio is actually worth something (and thus merits higher prices) rather than using this as a forum to trash everything you see. From all the regular contributors, it seems as though many of you don’t have a life to speak of and can’t see beyond the lens. You can trash me if that gives you pleasure, too, but it will only prove my point!

    • David Gutierrez

      I agree with you. If business is so good for everyone bashing on here, why are you wasting time on here. Shouldn’t you be working…raking in the dough.

      • Why are you here then David? According to you, anyone on here obviously doesn’t have enough work to do. But any GOOD photographer knows that you need to keep studying, not only the good technique but also what you should NOT do. Critique is a part of the business. If your work can not stand up to it, it should not be used for promotional purposes.
        As for the whining about the “bashing”, I know a few people who have been screwed over by these wannabe photographers, including one who was shown a very impressive portfolio and ended up with horrible photos, nowhere near the implied quality, of her wedding. With all the “she/he’s my friend I have to love this even if they suck” comments done by their facebook friends, this site is the only place where true unbiased opinion can be given. Yes there are a small few who go overboard, but most of the remarks are justified.
        One last point…a good photographer would not have to book every minute of their day to stay afloat, only an underchaging one would have to do this. And I know someone will comment that if they don’t have to work so many hours why do they deserve the pay? Umm, last I checked your shift at McDonalds only requires 40 hours a week for zero talent right? I’m not a “regular commenter” on here, but sometimes someone says something just dumb enough that a simple head shake just doesn’t cut it.

  9. I think it’s her senior photo and the fauxtog was trying to get cute with the pose and highlighting her eyes –

    Bad pose with that shirt – too much showing – and the lighting is uneven – which makes the “eye” enhancement look worse… Add to that the overdone skin softening… and blown recovery in the hair…


  10. Angela

    This is probably a case of “less is more” when it comes to Photoshop … or Picnic or whatever.

  11. Virginia

    OMG forget the horrible eye editing, the comments make me lose faith in humanity. Are they really that stupid? I guess so.

  12. Pelham

    Love the fact that she’s laying on one of those car-windshield reflectors! I use one too on occasion, because they’re lightweight, fold up small and do a decent job….but would never, ever get the client to lay down on it. If you can’t use a tripod, remote trigger and a simple reflector to bounce light where it’s needed, you have no right call yourself a photographer. And the PS/Picnik/Picasa/whatever is excerable.

  13. What happened to her eyes? Those are the first things I noticed. Her eyes! God, her eyes!

  14. Um…she is laying on a camo blanket or something camo not a window cover

    • Pelham

      Hmm…Ok…so I guess you’re right…but why? You can barely see it and she’s already in a good ol rustic-style hayloft with straw/hay whatnot, but that stuff is prickly so OK she wants to protect her cliente….so also guessing our fauxtog can’t use a clone tool to get rid of the blankie! LOL!!

  15. Wsroadrunner

    I had a dog with two different colored eyes once… I wonder if they’re related? LOL

  16. I like it. Art is subjective.

  17. zatoth

    the blue in her eyes makes her look like a spice addict from Dune…

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