Shadow Hand

shadow grope

Shadows just think they can get away with anything!

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  1. Ooshh, the groom would not be happy

  2. A Photographer

    Shooting in shadowy light is difficult in any case.

    • An expert are we? Don’t excuse the photographer. This should have gone straight in the bin. In fact it never should have left the memory card. Carefully controlled fill in flash would have allowed the background to be exposed correctly and the subjects.

      • Why never leave the card? I personally don’t spend a lot of time looking over everything on the card and deleting it as I go. This one, I might’ve because it’s so obviously dark… But I’d rather spend more time shooting more shots than looking over everything and deleting it while I go.

        And once I get home, it all goes to the hard disk and I weed out the horrible by hitting “delete” when I open them in ACR in CS6. No reason to never leave the card… but definitely would be in the trash… And absolutely never on a website.

    • A better Photographer than you

      LOL that’s why they invented Flashes…duh

  3. Was this really on someone’s photography page? There’s no watermark and looks more like a bad cell phone picture…

    • A better Photographer than you

      I don’t watermark my stuff on my website…but then I KNOW how to keep you from “save as”…LOL

  4. Michelle

    What a bad photo in every way, beyond the hand, what I find so difficult is they saw this and thought it was worth sharing

  5. It appears that this is a photo of a group of teens going to prom, not a wedding photo. Totally inappropriate.

  6. Ok, I’ve shot enough weddings to know a prom pic when I see one. No pro or faux in their right mind would have shot this. It’s more than obvious that the shooter was deliberately going for a certain “feel” when he shot this and he thought it’d be funny when he showed it to his date (I would be the shadow victim is said date) and friends. All in all, it’s just a gag shot between some kids and in no way belongs on this site. Now, that said, the little bit of immaturity that still resides deep inside me finds this hilarious.

  7. This is not a wedding photo or a fauxtog. This is a random teen taking pics of their friends going to the prom. Bad form, admin.

    • A better Photographer than you

      Hey Jude, don’t bring me down, take a sad song and make it better….
      Where does it say a Wedding Photo?..the Title says “Shadow Hand”…derp derp
      Hopefully you can eventually get your Canon TI3 into “Professional” Mode some day.

      • there is no evidence that this is a photograph trying to be passed off as pro. speaking of derp..

      • I use Nikons, thanks. And always shoot in manual. And several commenters said it was a wedding photo – first comment mentions a “groom”, which is someone that is part of a wedding. Thanks,d one.

      • Seeing this and your other comments I just can’t get past the idea that you’re either 13 or mentally retarded. I find your name hilarious because I would bet a link to your portfolio would reveal plenty of photos worthy of this site.

  8. Aside from the obvious things-wrong-with-it, I really hope the girl that is the subject of the shadowy advances has three large older brothers lining up right now to deal some street-justice to the rude photographer….unless of course the ‘tog’s not a dude, in which case maybe just one large older brother with a cricket bat for smashing the camera.

    • A better Photographer than you

      A Cricket Bat?…what the hell is that?….I heard about one years ago in a Documentary about my favorite band Spinal Tap, but still what is a Cricket Bat? something that you use in the middle of the night to beat up Crickets?

    • You’re clearly not getting this. It’s not a photographer. It’s obviously a cell phone pic. It’s somebody taking a pic of their friends before a prom or other formal dance. It’s not a professional at all, just friends being goofy.

  9. Looks more like an intentional goof shot. Probably posted on FB with the intention of going “viral”. Fail.

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