Serious Cat Business

Curious about her grumpy expression? You’ll understand if you ever try to tie a tie while holding a cat!

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  1. keso ifar ted

    Wow, Hermione really let herself go. Scarier still is this fauxtog asking for money for this calibre of expertise

  2. Liz in AL

    geez, the cat looks embarrassed…as he should!

  3. soooo many cats.

  4. The hell?? Some people should be banned from using computers all together!

  5. With the vignette only being on the left and top edges, it looks like the background/wall is very close to her, with the drop shadow hitting it, showing that she is in some sort of box. Perhaps she is in a cat box? I think she is a shapeshifter that has to go into the cat box with her sidekick so that she can change her form to do whatever it is that she does. The top cat in the background is obviously her in her cat form, and the lower one is her sidekick.

    • visarts

      It looks to me as if someone here is using the “inside shadow” effect, which makes about zero sense.

  6. Nothing against pet photos, but just bad.


  8. nesgran

    actually there’s two giant cats behind her

  9. BurninBiomass

    This is what happens when you opt for the photographers “crazy cat lady” special.

  10. Pelham

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA….nice shot of chickiepoo playing dressup in her boyfriend’s or daddy’s suit….Is she trying to sell herself as a business person? If she thinks she has cat-shaped eyes, or is wearing cat-eye type eyeliner, she is so wrong. You want to see true cat-shaped eyes, google pics of Linda Evangelista.

    Niow let’s see what else it there…horrible lighting and bg of course, lovin the deathgrip on kitteh, notice how fist looks like a giant paw…and poor kitteh is only wanting to jump down and away from the setup ASAP. Don’t blame the cat at all.

    I was laughing hard enough earlier that my 5lbs of badass cat – who’s been there, done that, seen lots of scary crap on this site – came into the room, jumped on my lap (of her own volition thankya verra much), looked at the image, began making those noises, jumped off my lap and puked up a hairball.

    Yeah, it’s that bad.

    • Yeah, there’s nothing about this photo that actually indicates that she thinks SHE has cat eyes or that she’s wearing a man’s suit. (Women can wear pants now, you know.)

      It’s nice that you managed to bury half of a sentence related to the quality of the photo itself in your moronic rant about the poor model…who I think is rather lovely, though this picture is too goofy to believe.

  11. WhereTF did she get that tie?!

  12. Annoyed

    Why’s that cat on the bottom staring at her ass?

  13. Lucy seconds before she commanded her cats to kill the Fauxtog

  14. Everything about this smacks of Harry Potter, but I still don’t get it. Who’s the ginger tabby?

  15. Ciao_Chao

    Doesn’t that cat’s hind leg make it look as if she has male genitalia?

  16. She thinks she looks like the ringleader in the film “the craft” or something? I hated these chicks in highschool

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