Selectively Colored Baby Bump

Yea, selective coloring is a lame photo-fad, but at least put some effort into it if you’re going to do it!

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  1. Lindsay


  2. Oh my goodness….

  3. This hurts my eyes.

  4. Gal with a Camera

    That gigantic bow was from God? WOW! Coolz!!
    I just can’t get over the huge bow. Wowzas! You can’t even tell that there’s a baby bump under there!!!!!!

    Then you got the badly done selective coloring, the flash on her face, awkward pose, bad composition… my head hurts. I just can’t t look at it anymore. My brain hurts to think that someone would Actually PAY for this!!!!!!!!!

    • I hope if I’m ever pregnant, God gets me a big belly bow like that. Only not really.

  5. God is offended to be associated with this shit.

  6. M. Bubba Blume


    This site is a hell of a confidence builder for me.

  7. Melissa Burke

    what is with the gigantic bow… is there even a belly under it??

  8. NicCole

    From God? Really? The dad gets no credit at all?

  9. Christi

    I would think if God had any hand in this image, he would have made the tag a little better. But God works in mysterious ways.

  10. Is it just me or does the “From God” look like with was added in Photoshop?

    • Of course it was added with Photoshop. Writing is beyond this fauxtog’s skillset.

  11. I am thinking God had his part in this when she was screaming “Oh God” during the conception.

  12. Jesus it’s like a gaping wound.

  13. Virgin Mary??? You look…..different than I expected.

  14. oldtaku

    hurr hurr hurr mahr behrbeh is from gawrd

  15. Jesus Christ!

  16. Three people liked this: the father, the son and the holy ghost?

  17. Everything is so ugly in this one 😉

  18. It looks like the baby from Alien ripping out of her stomach.. blood everywhere!

  19. It looks like lips 😉

  20. robert


  21. BurninBiomass

    The fauxtographer put a “From God” tag on a pregnant lady.

    Whats next, are they gonna take a picture at a funeral and put a tag on the dead person saying “return to sender”?

    • Pelham

      BAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAA oops I think I just peed myself…oh well…BAHAHAAHAHAAA 😉

    • Gal with a Camera

      OH MY GOODNESS, I’m dying laughing here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This looks like a woman I worked with. Maybe it is; I’m almost certain that she would be dumb enough to pay somebody for this atrocity.

  23. Gelatin

    3 people liked it? Let me guess… the girl in the photo, the fauxtog, and the husband??? I hope they didn’t pay for this…

  24. This is the real nightmer

  25. The ribbon looks like something has exploded out of the belly. Very bad positioning and posing.

  26. Holy crap, that is one atrocious picture–even more so as yet another pregnancy abdomen shot, which I hate outright. They managed to get this in focus, I guess? Everything else is wrong and awful in ways I didn’t know were possible (and some I did know). The pose, the whole staging, the ribbon, the COLOR, the pose again…and then to add insult to crippling injury, “From God” isn’t even PSed well into the tag. Good freaking gravy, people. This should be removed from the internet before CHILDREN see it.

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