Saturated Baby

Looks like the fauxtog really wanted to make that raincoat and bow pop… Unfortunately it now looks like this baby is trying very hard to poop.

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  1. Marilyn

    Not to mention the disturbing skin condition.

  2. That is OH SO WRONG…. Who in their right mind thinks that looks professional!

  3. Should also be “you are not a retoucher.”

  4. LaughingGirl

    LOL, poor baby and poor parents that paid for this image. BTW, that’s not a raincoat – it just looks like a yellow slicker after the over-saturation treatment!

  5. How can anyone put their name and reputation on these images and call them portraits? Ive seen better snapshots from the drunk relatives at a wedding reception.

  6. Not even a flatttering shot of the baby. And as for the background…….
    If I took this pic of my kid I’d delete it. Not edit it.

  7. I have to wonder how many of the images on this site are from fauxtogs that advertise “affordable professional photography” on craigslist or facebook and have pricing listed, but have never had a paying client. Perhaps they fauxtograph friends and family and drop their watermark on the images to look like they’ve had paying clients… I just can’t believe that — as dumb as americans are (and it’s clear most of these are from the US of A) — ALL of the fauxtogs on this site have had paying clients. Surely that’s not the case… I mean, right?

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Wow.. What a concept… “What your child would loook like with a horrible rash and mumps”. I can see this trend going wild in the fauxtocrapper field.

    now, excuse me while I go vomit

  9. Wsroadrunner

    baby says… “This fauxtog is so bad I shat my pants”

  10. This kind of photography amazes me. And to think someone paid for that?

  11. I’m pretty sure the baby is not the only one red faced by this photo. A very embarrassing piece of work.

  12. meeshybee

    Looks like my daughter when she had hives! Quick, someone get the Benadryl!

  13. C woods

    Oh and I love the professional looking background! The fauxtog couldnt relocate to a less obviously stupid place than right in front of that house? Is there a shortage of grass there? I hate that these people get paid! Oh my word!

  14. Poor baby. They actually made her look scary 🙁

  15. This almost makes me cry. And definitely not in an “Oh, how precious!” kind of way.

  16. Hobbyist

    People, people, calm down! You need to look at the positives here. This fauxtog could make a great living shooting posters for hospitals, doctors’ offices, or drug reps. I saw someone mention benadryl. There ya go. Maybe that company will buy this photo as a “before” shot. Kid chillin playin in its front yard, and then BAM, rash! I can see the poster hanging in my child’s pediatrician office now.

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